Monday, December 24, 2012

The turmoil of Islamic Political Thought

Ahead of the second millennium, in addition to the development of Marxism-Leninism flow, a mixture of Christianity and Humanism, or Buddha, or maybe some kind of class in the Hindu, Islam will be one of the six political forces that have been developed in the world today. For the people of Europe and America there is a difference between religion and political science. The political power with religious values ​​by the Europeans and Americans is a water and oil that can not be put together and even contradictory. But anyway, they actually have been deceived by the distance between religion and political power.

If the terms of the correlation, we can conclude that there is a common very close relationship between political power of Theology. The reason is unbelievably easy to find, that each of the actions associated with them have one thing that should be recognized by every person struggling with two disciplines, the Responsibility to everything.

So certainly, the greatest risk in the two field problems are prepared to die in a responsible manner. Of course, if someone had invested their lives in such a principle, the risk would be a huge force in moving the wise decisions and accompanied with bold flavors without fear to make life into a better direction. The question is, power is generated from? Is it just simply from science alone?

Therefore, agree when we say that a large force is used as the power on is filled by religious values ​​to political decisions that are implemented are embedded in the ideology and thoughts of a person's soul. Of course, the problems faced by these people will be easily solved by relying on the values ​​of Religion and Science (especially in this case is Political Science).

Judging from the value of history, so many social problems faced by the community to be a complex issue and very difficult to be solved when using a political science course. Historically, the presence of streams such as communism, Leninism-Marxism and others to make the community that there is only relying on science, so that the political policies that produced only temporary and less power in the face of social conflict. Therefore, the required values ​​of religion in solving the problems that exist today.

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