Saturday, July 27, 2013

The beauty of Sumatera Island

In addition to local cultural treats that are not much different, the beauty of the charm that is able to make us aware that their own country was like heaven. Moreover, Indonesia has waters that dominate and become its own tourist attraction for travelers.
Call it known as Sumatran Island Suwarnadwipa which in Sanskrit means "golden island". Not inferior to the eastern region of Indonesia, Sumatra also has a number of marine tourism in several cities. The following are among them.

Prominent icon in West Sumatra is Jam Gadang or Rumah Gadang. However, you should not miss one of the tours are water tourism there, namely Padang Beach. The beach is suitable visited by tourists at dusk in order to feel the evening breeze while enjoying coconut ice. At night, the beach still looks crowded because the some young people often make the beach as a gathering place while eating bread or roasted corn.

Meanwhile, not just a of Lake Toba on Sumatra when trying to explore. If you make a trip to Pekanbaru, Lake King could also be a reference. Located in the district Rengat, natural attractions are also used as a center for arts and entertainment center Indragiri Malay people with annual activities. For example, traditional sports activities such as canoe racing and the selection of the King and Queen Indragiri. The beauty of the city owned by two place settle in Sumatra can you prove it directly.

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