Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nuclear Energy, Bringing prosperity or add damage?

The irony presented by nuclear power obviously very profitable, while providing energy / power supply that is very large, in the processing of nuclear fuel is not too expensive because it does not require huge amounts of coal as fuel or other. On the other hand, the damage unimaginable so takes a lot of casualties and result in long-term effects.

Establish and produce energy from radioactive materials are scientifically not as easy as imagined, in addition to need a strong construction, nuclear fuel, from raw materials to the waste generated and the journey takes a long time. Natural radioactive materials such as coal which is not easy to be collected and processed as usual, known as direct coal is burned to produce energy. Unlike coal, radioactive materials require a long process in its processing. In addition, radioactive materials on earth is not evenly distributed so that only exist in certain areas that have natural resources in the form of radioactive material.

Because no natural resources in the form of the spread of radioactive materials, must be imported from countries that have the natural resources of radioactive material. Among other countries that export of radioactive materials are countries of the former Soviet Union, Canada and Australia.

In general, the natural resources of radioactive material is in the layers of rock with a depth of 40 meters to 100 meters below ground. The thickness of rocks contain radioactive That generosity very influential on the level. That Natural radioactive materials are separated from the rock is Called the "Yellow Cake" (like the symbol of radioactive material). In general, the type of radioactive material is being traded at this present moment.

Materials used as the main ingredient of nuclear energy in power plants is an element Uranium. Yellow cake is uranium traded with number 308. Abbreviated to U-308 uranium-308 has not fully become the main ingredient for nuclear power plants, but must be developed / changed to U-238. This process is called enrichment, but to become U-238 requires two processes that change the U-308 into U-235 and the latter being the main ingredient of nuclear energy U-238.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Benito Mussolini, one of the leaders who make the world tantrum

Musolini was born in 1883 du Dovia, Italy, from the descendants of the commoners. He first became a teacher and then thrown out of the country. In Switzerland he wandered for years with no desultory residence. In 1909 he returned to his homeland, where in 1909 he plunged into the field of journalism to become editor of the newspaper "Avvenire" in Trento.

exactly one year later in 1910 he published his own newspaper "La Lotta di Classe" which means the class struggle in Forli. Since then, he is recognized as one who adheres to socialist ideology. Therefore, he believes holds the leadership in the national newspaper "Avanti".

But in 1914 he left the newspaper and publish its own newspaper again for the second time, namely "Popollo d` Italia "in the capital city of Milan. After getting injured in the first world war, he returned to daily Popollo d `Italia.

In March 1919 for the first time Benito Musollini establish a joint party named "Fascio in Combattimente" in Northern Italy and in October 1922 he became prime minister of Italy at the request of King Victor Emmanuel III.

Musolini aspires to make Italy into a country's most prominent over the world. In March 1935 he joined and entered into an alliance with Hitler. While the Italian army strengthened gradually each month. In 1935 he ordered the Italian army to invade and seize Abessinia. In 1936 he openly give aid to dictator Franco in Spain and in Albania in 1939 can be controlled.

Since 1943, golden star Musolini continuously decreased. On July 25, 1943 he stepped down because of the Supreme Council of Fascist Italy with the most votes did not like anymore Musolini leadership. He was arrested by the Badoglio government, but he was later freed again by the German army umbrella.

He was made head of the Government Repbulik While in Italy, which at a time when it was still occupied by the Germans. Since it threatened his life, when he was about to flee to Switzerland on April 28, 1945, he was captured and killed by his enemies.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth Hour 2011: It's time to go beyond the hour ( Join with Us at March, 26th 2011)

At 8:30 PM on Saturday 26th March 2011, lights will switch off around the globe for Earth Hour and people will commit to actions that go beyond the hour.
With Earth Hour almost upon us, our thoughts are with the people of Japan during this incredibly challenging and sad time for their country.


Switch off your lights for one hour to celebrate Earth Hour.

Organize a meet up to share this Earth Hour with your friends and family. It can be large or small, a dinner party with some close friends or a street party for the whole neighborhood.

Earth Hour takes place on Saturday 26th March at 8:30PM wherever you are on the planet.
Together our actions add up. 

Join us at

3 Steps You Must Do If You Want To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 7 Years Or Less

One of the single largest financial purchases a person makes in a lifetime is a home. And more often than not, a home mortgage is required to fund the purchase. But how many people have been told, that the current way a mortgage is paid off, is like a cancer on our financial health? The mortgage and banking industry has offered to the unsuspecting public the 30-year fixed amortized mortgage the most expensive mortgage, a financial cancer akin to the cigarette industry offering cigarettes.

US consumers have had no other choices, but to use a mortgage, that only benefits banks and mortgage companies. Now a revolutionary mortgage program is available that will show them how to pay off their home mortgage in as little as 7 years.

Enter Money Principal Group, a company located in Utah, founded by Ariel Metekingi, anative of New Zealand. Their premier innovative mortgage product, The Mortgage Eliminator, is based on a 30 year+ proven Australian industry standard and model in use by over a third of homeowners in that country. It was later introduced to the New Zealand market, where homeowners there achieve similar results; paying off their debts and mortgage on average of 6-10 years.

This powerful new tool to combat the current financial plague of debt combines amortgage and a full-service bank account. The new "all-inclusive" type loan creates huge savings in interest payments and loan payoffs in one-half to one-third the time requiring little to no change to current spending habits or income.

How does it work? Homeowners deposit income and other assets into the newmortgage account and since it allows access like a checking account, expenses are paid out from it by check or ATM card. The fundamental part is, that when the homeowners' money isn't being used it sits in the mortgage account, reducing the daily loan balance on which interest is computed. This saves on average hundreds of thousands in interest over the life a typical loan and reducing interest means more money for principal; so the homeowner builds equity faster and owns their home sooner.

"What this does for homeowners, is it empowers them to take control of their financial health," says Ariel Metekingi, founder and president of Money Principal Group. "With this new loan program, a homeowner can combat the financial cancer known as consumer debt plus current mortgage options and it allows the homeowner to reach their goals sooner in life, rather than later. This isn't a mystical trick of numbers; it is simply taking away the interest spread banks earn and is given back to the homeowner."

There are three steps that the consumer can take, in order to reduce their mortgage payout and enjoy a home paid off in as little as 7 years.

1. Decide what your goals are

One of the first steps with The Mortgage Eliminator program is to have a clearer picture of where you are heading financially-speaking, and decide on what kind of goals you'd like to reach. First take a look at where you were five years ago. What kind of expectations did you have than? Did you plan on certain things to happen by now? If they didn't happen, do you have the willingness to make changes to reach those goals?

Goal setting is important, because it allows you to create a flexible plan and schedule to put into place and stick to. Imagine where you'd like to be in 5 years. What would you like to accomplish?

Let's say some of your goals are to have an emergency fund of at least one year of your current income and you'd like to reach that amount in, say, 2 years. And another goal, (if you have a child or children) is to set aside a college fund. And lastly, you've been dreaming of that sports car you've always wanted since you were a teenager.

Now that you have some goals in mind, what would it take to reach those goals? And keep in mind that your household income will probably remain constant.

Are there current investment options or debt elimination options, which can help you reach those goals?

Using your flexible mortgage account through The Mortgage Eliminator can greatly increase your ability to save interest and money and free up resources to help you reach those goals. And it doesn't have to drastically change your spending habits or current household income. Just determine your budget and where the money you make is spent in your life.

2. Set up a budget

The next step in paying off your mortgage quickly is to look at your current spending habits and create a budget. How difficult is this? That depends on your level of commitment and your ability to discipline yourself into reviewing your budget.

One way that helps homeowners is through the included budgeting software and personal coaching and review available with The Mortgage Eliminator, from Money Principal Group. Studies show and human nature reflects this, is that if we have tools AND a personal Coach to help create and maintain a budget, we're far more likely to succeed. Money Principal Group states that over 90% of its' clients achieve success with The Mortgage Eliminator system.

Think of having a coach for your personal financial education, just like a great tennis star has a coach or golf professional has a coach. How many of us rely on a coach to become financially wealthy?

With The Mortgage Eliminator, you're given that important part, a coach to review, create and stick to a budget that creates positive cash flow, which will take you to the next steps of paying off your mortgage in less time, without any change to your current income or spending habits.

3. Get a financial review and analysis

Everyone's financial situation is different and completely unique. Imagine your situation as the human body and financial debt (including a mortgage) as a cancer. Before a surgeon would operate on a patient, a complete review of the symptoms and where tostart cutting, is done, BEFORE the surgeon performs one cut.

Think of a financial review and analysis as the same thing as "surgical review" on your situation. What kind of mortgage are you in now? Are you a first-time homebuyer? Are you in an ARM loan and now may need to switch to a fixed rate loan?

What is your financial "picture" and your current budget? Your income, expenses, current debt and your short-term and long-term goals factor greatly into the financial review and analysis.

In order to determine just how quickly you can pay off your current debts and mortgage (or how fast you can pay off your first home, if you're a first-timer), a financial "snapshot" or review must be completed. Taking a look at your entire picture of income, debts, and how it relates to your goals, is the crucial step, in determining how best you should start your plan.

What is the strategically best way for you to reach your goals? With a financial review and analysis from Money Principal Group, a plan is created to show you the best options that HELPS YOU in reaching those goals quickly. Only a loan that SAVES YOU MONEY is offered and if it doesn't make strategic, financially sound sense for you, it's not offered and a different course of action is suggested.

Is this new loan product and system for everyone? Yes, if you can achieve the simple disciplines of budgeting and currently have positivecash flow or are willing to review your budget to recover funds to create significant positive cash flow. You must be coachable and allow the your goals to dictate your planof action. If you're willing to do that, the payoff is unlimited and getting rid of debt and your home mortgage in 6-10 years is no longer a dream, it's a reality.

"The ability to be mortgage free within 6-10 years, quickly eliminate consumer debt and free up existing income to start a significant investment program for the future is a now a reality. This can all be possible without requiring any additional income or reducing standard of living. The Mortgage Eliminator has empowered the individual in New Zealand and Australia to impact positively on their own financial destiny in ways, which traditionally, many could not otherwise achieve." says Metekengki. "It is now available for the US, to achieve the same level of financial success and freedom, already experienced and proven in these international markets."

For more information on how you can be debt-free and pay off your home mortgage in as little as 7 years, and experience the savings with the Money Principal Program using their proprietary calculator, visit or call 1-800-862-0784 ext 21.

Tips before upgrading and updating your PC / Laptop

Maximum Budget: Before you perform the upgrade in advance what kind of components you want to  change  and adjust  with the existing functions so that funds can be prepared before things happen  that are not desirable. The Fund will determine at what level of computer equipment that we will buy the appropriate utility. Are low-end, mid-end, or whether high-end.

Purpose: Identify the first computer that we will buy will be used for anything or to run any application. This utility will determine the specifications of the computer that we will buy. If only just for office work like typing letters, reports, presentations and the Internet alone, it would certainly be a waste of money if you buy a computer with super-sophisticated specifications. But a more specific purpose, to play the game (for example), requiring a different component specifications again. So, first identify your needs.

Components required: Determine which components you need anything. Suppose if you want to buy a new computer monitor with new-well, then name it that you need a monitor. If you only need the new CPU only, then name it that you only need a CPU alone. Or maybe you who have older computers and there is a possibility that your computer components that could be used, then name it whatever components you who do not need or who you need.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Determination of empirical formula

Compound formula mass is the atomic mass number of all atoms present in the formula. Therefore, in the same manner as in the use of the emblem elements, a formula is used to indicate a compound and compound units. The mass formula of compounds can be shown easily on the basis of its chemical formula. Recall that such set of formulas that can refer to the free atoms, molecules, or a combination of atoms in ionic compounds, the formula mass term can refer to the atomic mass of an atom, molecule mass of a molecule, or formula mass of an ionic compound.

Compound chemical formula describes the relative number of moles of various elements. If the chemical formula of unknown ionic compound, chemical formula can be estimated from the ratio determined experimentally. This procedure can be done because if the relative mass of elements is obtained, the relative number of moles of each element can be known. Chemical formula derived in this way is called an empirical formula. In solving problems that have been known constituent composition.

If there are more than two elements, the number of mole-mole of the element with the smallest number of moles to obtain the comparison round. Even after this step, we might just have to multiply by a certain small integers to obtain a more rounded comparison more and more small round. So we will get the empirical formula of the compound.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pluralistic party system

In a pluralistic party system, at least there are two parties in it, no one has superiority over the other. If there are already more powerful, then he immediately becomes the dominant party system. In a pluralistic party system at this time, a basic difference seen between the two party system and multi-party system, which is based on differences in the workings of democratic institutions.
The difference between the two party system and multi-party therefore be important, but this should not be exaggerated. Since the establishment of a regular party alliance when it enters election race with special programs that are both approved, and work together after that in terms of its implementation to make multi-party system seems similar to a two-party system. 

Conversely, if each one is too flexible, if there is no voting discipline in parliament, then the majority will rule shaky and unstable, and a two-party system would resemble a multi-party system. A two-party system is actually more flexible approach of multi-party system rather than on a rigid two-party system like the type of party system in Britain.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Civilization at the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Civilization or culture at the time of the Prophet SAW is the most powerful social change. A fundamental shift from the moral depravity to the civilized morality.. In the article described Ahmad Al-Husairy that civilization at the time of the Prophet based on the principles based on the Alquran. Among others the following:

Nabawi Mosque Development. It is reported that mounts the Prophet Muhammad SAW stopped in a place the Prophet Muhammad SAW ordered that the place was built a mosque. Messenger participate in the construction of the mosque. He lift and move the rocks mosque with his own hands. At that time, exposed to the Baitul Maqdis mecca. Pole mosque made of palm stems, while the roof is made from palm leaf midrib. As for his wife's rooms built alongside the mosque. When construction is completed, the Prophet entered the marriage with Aisha in the month of Shawwal. Since then, Yathrib is known as the Apostle Madinatur or Madinah Al-Munawwarah. The Muslims do various activities in this mosque, good worship, learn, decide their case, sold and bought as well as celebrations. This place is a factor that unites them.

The brotherhood between immigrants and the Anshar. Messenger unite in friendship among the Muslims. They then share their home, even the wives and their properties. Brotherhood is the case more strongly than just brotherhood based on descent. With this fellowship, the Messenger of Allah has created a unity based on religion in lieu of unity based on tribes.

Agreement to copy the help of the Muslims and non-Muslims. In Medina, there are three classes of man, namely the Muslims, Arab people, as well as the non-Muslims, and those Jews (Bani Nadhir, Quraizhah Bani, Bani Qainuqa). Messenger does one deal with them to guarantee the security and peace. Also to bear a most helpful and tolerant atmosphere between classes.

Laying down principles of political, economic, and social
. In general, 3 pts had previously shown the existence of a basis in socializing. As social creatures, the Prophet Muhammad SAW has set up a social system that did not look at the caste. On another matter, the Prophet Muhammad SAW has made a change in Medina city that was originally named Yathrib. This is a political step in determining the steps of Muslims at the time. Commenting on the change of name Yastrib into Medina, Nurcholish Madjid, that political agendas have been laid and he apostleship act as a messenger of God, the head of state, commander of the army, and civic leaders. All of which made the Prophet Muhammad SAW are the steps in the field of Political, Economic, social and urban migration is a reflection of the ideas contained in the words of Arabic, Medina. Etymologically meaning place of civilization, which is the equivalent of the Greek words namely the Policy.

Characteristics and Types of Windows 7

Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 also has some specific variations in accordance with the use of the people. Noted there are 7 variants are available, namely Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional, home premium, home basic and starter. Of these 7 variants, so many differences between each variant. 

however, please note that, some versions are only available in special circumstances. Windows 1 starter for instance, will only be available in the form of pre-installed on a PC that has a license for it. While windows 7 Enterprise will only be available through volume licensing format through software Assurance. that is, versions of this enterprise can only be used by those who have used previous versions of windows and take the option Software Assurance. 

While the version of windows 7 which is freely available Windows 7 windows 7 home premium and professional. Windows Home Premium is recommended for the majority of consumers because it provides a complete computing experience and a compelling visual display. while the professional version of windows 7 is recommended for those owners of small companies and individuals who need a security system and high productivity. And more interesting is Windows 7 also will be available in the form of N and E. The purpose of the version of N is in the windows 7 is not equipped with windows media player while the E version is not equipped with Internet Explorer. 

The following are several characteristics of each variant is in windows 7: 

Windows 7 Starter. This version is only available in a pre-installed. No windows aero feature and more emphasis on facilities associated with the virtual world or the Internet. 

Windows 7 Home Basic. Windows 7 Home Basic is marketed in developing countries such as China, India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Supports 64-bit processors and most aero, but not equipped with multi-touch and windows media center. Windows variants are recommended for home users. 

Windows 7 Home Premium. This version has all the graphics and multimedia features of Windows 7. The most important application is the aero, media center, multi-touch, DVD playback, and Internet connection sharing. But this version is not equipped with business class amenities such as remote desktop host and encrypting file system. 

Windows 7 Professional. This version has all the features of windows 7 home premium plus business-class facilities such as the windows domain server and windows XP mode. That does not exist is a function of BitLocker to encrypt the entire contents of hard drives. 

Windows 7 Enterprise. Has all the features of Windows 7 includes BitLocker and DirectAccess. The only thing missing is a premium game. This version is only available through volume licensing mechanism. 

Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows 7 Ultimate is a complete Windows operating system outputs. If you are a user windows vista ultimate, Windows 7 ultimate is the counterpart. Here you can find and use the network facilities are super full, backup and restore facilities are increasingly refined and sophisticated as a feature. 

Windows 7 E and N. This second version can actually be categorized as an emergency alternative for the European Union questioned the existence of Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer into the operating system. by eliminating two applications, Microsoft can avoid lawsuits. For this reason, both versions will only be circulated in the market of Europe.

Active marketing, business profits Jacks

It was a lot of people who agree when marketing is actively and continuously, it will have a major impact on the product sold. Unfortunately not all companies are able to advertise in print or electronic media that cost is not small.

Efficient manner that can be taken, among others, is through the internet. Online marketing such as this have started a lot of people do. And the result was quite decent. There was even a sip of the marketing business success via the internet. Call it like Google Adwords which is the origin of Google Adsense.

Proverb says "a lot of friends a lot of luck" that often times people say it's old parent can be applied through online marketing system. That is why, we need to expand social circle and add a friend or prospective client as much as possible. Only after that, of the many connections and new friends that we can get some friends to choose and target potential.

Social networking is arguably quite easy to explode and have a great chance for success, especially in terms of marketing. It is said that because social networking has the ease in finding and adding new friends. Moreover, if you include the type of people who are shy, understand it, not everyone is so easy to just meet new people in person, face to face. Therefore, the social networking site could become a promising alternative solution.

If the clever use of situations and trends that are underway. You are certainly already have one account on social networking sites can use it to develop an online business or at least marketing business that is being cultivated.

Sooner or later, you can certainly feel the benefits of online marketing has been done. At the very least, the more people know what products you offer. If interested, of course they will not hesitate to contact you to ask more detailed. Gratitude can directly order the goods and become a promising business partners.

For businesses who are just starting a business, how to marketing via the Internet can actively introduce products without the cost that is too big. only required a strong will and certainly a quality product. only required a strong will and certainly a quality product. With the right marketing, business profits can be obtained optimally.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outline parties in europe today

It seems we now have been able to classify political parties of Europe in two categories. First, there is a party that its main objective is to maintain the economic structure and social structure of liberal capitalism: their first reaction is always skewed in a private company and does not like to interfere rule or a collective solution, although they finally admitted that the government was forced to because it is their responsibility to intervene and that certain problems can only be solved through community action. All of them include conservative parties, liberal parties, the Christian Democrat parties.

Second, there are parties who are very concerned about the public interest, without first thinking to defend private corporations and commercial interests, they usually tend to prefer government intervention and solving problems collectively. Category that includes socialist parties and communist and some elements of the radical left and the Christian democrats. We can not give a more precise definition of socialism as many western European socialist actually receive a continuation of capitalist society, that they wish to proceed with the changes. Only the communist parties and socialist left wing wants the overthrow of the whole structure of western economic and social community. Or at least that's what they always say.

We will not discuss the European parties according to the classification of left or right. while it is the advantage of allowing a comparison between the parties in a political family the same from one country to those in other countries, we have made such comparisons in the analysis of the history prior to this. Studying contemporary European parties / contemporary within the framework of ideology will prevent us to highlight the diversity system parties in Europe. Well, this diversity is something that is very important because it explains the different ways in terms of the functioning of parliamentary regimes in various countries in Europe. Therefore, as a frame of reference for a comparative analysis, not political parties themselves or the families of the party (left or right) but the European party system. From the point of this establishment, there are two main types: system para-dualistic or dualistic and multiparty system.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lupus Disease in Humans Life

Lupus is an immune disorder in which antibodies that should protect the body from foreign substances, like bacteria, it attacks the body's own organs. Until now this has not known the exact cause of this disorder.
When the antibodies attack the body and is not handled properly will attack complications. These complications can cause death because they can occur in vital organs, such as heart, kidney, brain and lungs.
one of the characteristics of persons with lupus are easily tired and sometimes have severe fatigue. In conditions of severe fatigue is disabled lupus often can only be lying weakly in bed. If forced to work, the disturbance will experience complications.

Laser printers are more efficient and effective

Machine printer or printers that are often coupled with a laptop or desktop we have been running progressively. This tool has undergone many changes in the way of work, function, until the print. In fact, the printer is now in its aesthetic function, namely as an electronic ornaments decorate the work space. 

Line of Brother laser printer output, for example, offers a variety of functions that are tailored to the needs of the wearer. The design is also dynamic and slick, ranging from Monochrome Laser Printer, Colour Laser Printer, and both series multifunction monochrome and color laser.
This experienced producers, through its products, as consumers will want to understand the needs of quality printer engine for use at home to large offices.
Brother is coming from Japan to equip their products with a variety of the latest technology. One of them through a laser printer tech LED (light emitting diode) that is able to print more quickly so as to save time and cost.
Brother laser printer is designed as a powerful engine, efficient when used, print more quickly, and present the colors of life in type color laser printer. In fact, the type of multifunction laser printers, could be integrated with copier, scanner, fax, and PC-Fax.

Although the design of each printer brother quite elegant, but the user is given a lot of convenience in operation. In addition, there are some features that are quite important, for example, Straight Paper Path for print media that is bold, Secure Function Lock is to save toner and paper, toner and drum technology separately, so that prints 6,000 dpi.

Islam in the Classical Period

The development of classical Islam was marked by territorial expansion. While living in Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad and his followers were under pressure from the tribe of Quraish who oppose the teachings of which was brought by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Because of these pressures, the Prophet Muhammad was forced to send some of his followers into a religious Christian Abesinia Koptis to obtain asylum. That phase mecca that make the Prophet Muhammad in mecca survive on family support. After that, his wife Khadijah passed away and shortly afterwards the head of his tribe died who was then replaced by people who are not loyal and sympathetic to him.
In the analysis of historians, this classical period can be divided into two periods, the progress of Islam I and the disintegration. This period is a time of expansion, integration, and power of Islam. In terms of expansion, before the Prophet Muhammad died in 632 AD, the entire peninsula of arabia has been subject to under the rule of Islam. Expansion to areas outside Arabia began in the days of the first Caliph, Abu Bakr Ash-Siddiq.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The benefit for consuming Vitamin D

Apparently the people who live near to the equator (tropical people) have a lower risk of heart problems than those who live or lived in a country that has four seasons. the question is what factors cause this? Lifestyle? Of course not only that but many other factors. The scientists suspect the reason associated with vitamin D and sunlight, which is so abundant in tropical countries. Call it Indonesia, various studies conducted since the decade of the 1990s try toseeking answers to the assumptions about it. The results obtained were so many roles of vitamin D in human life. It may even never crossed my mind and in our ears. Role of Vitamin D is in addition useful to assist the absorption of calcium in the bone, among others:

Colo rectal and Breast Cancer Prevention. A research project conducted by Cedric Garland and the team from the University of California showed that vitamin D can prevent colon cancer and breast. Cedric team research project in North America. From the research proved that intake of 2000 IU vitamin D per day can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 50 percent. While the intake of 800-1000 IU of vitamin D every day can reduce our risk of 50 percent of breast cancer.
Similar findings were noted by the Harvard Medical School. High intake of vitamin D and calcium can reduce the risk of breast cancer in pre-menopausal women. But unfortunately, not in menopausal women. Vitamin D can prevent cancer by maintaining the cells to stay healthy and prevent the uncontrolled cell reproduction.

Minimize the risk of heart problems. Since 1996, a team of scientists in the United States conducted a study of 1700 volunteers who average 59 years old. The results showed that volunteers who have levels of vitamin D in the body is low (less than 15 nanograms per milligram of blood) doubled risk of heart attack. These results were compared with levels of vitamin D which has more than 15 nanograms / milligrams of blood.
But according to Dr. Thomas Wang, lead investigator, this project is continuing until now. This means that there has been no final conclusions. But there are indications towards promising and the results can give new hope to many people.

Preventing Diabetes type 1 and 2. In Finland, a study of 12 thousand infants concluded that the adequacy of vitamin D can prevent the emergence of diabetes type 1 and 2 when they grow up. The recommended dose is 8.5 micrograms per day for infants under age 6, and 7 micrograms for infants 7 months to 3 years.
was talking about the kids. What about us? adults? was also able. Research over 22 years of men and women aged 40-74 years were also conducted in Finland, showed that concentrations of vitamin D in the body of men higher than women. Du addition, the men proved that the risk of type 2 diabetes is lower than the women. Even so, keep in mind that vitamin D is not the only determinant of diabetes risk. We must also consider the lifestyle. Reduce smoking, alcohol, and too much sweet food because they could heighten the risk of diabetes.

Enhance immunity against Tuberculosis. Data from the WHO said, every year tuberculosis has killed nearly 1.7 million people around the world, especially in third world countries as developing countries. Fortunately, treatment options for patients tuberculosis now increased by the discovery team of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles.
According to researchers, vitamin D can increase the production of cathelicidin molecules that kill bacteria that cause tuberculosis.

Reducing the Risk of Asthma and Allergies. The announcement is important for pregnant women: vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of asthma and allergies. Similarly, exposure of researchers at Harvard University. Our research shows that adequate vitamin D intake may reduce asthma and allergies by 40 percent. Vitamin D deficiency can negatively affect the lungs and immune system, which ultimately will enhance the risk of asthma. So far, drugs used to overcome asthma contains steroids. Apparently, vitamin D can enhance the ability of cells to absorb the steroid, to more asthma symptoms quickly disappear.

Preventing Pre-eclampsia. During this time the expectant mother is horrified face the threat of pre-eclampsia. This disorder can cause premature birth and mental retardation in the fetus. To this day, the exact cause of pre-eclampsia is still unknown. However, studies by a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh concern pre-eclampsia with vitamin D deficiency in early pregnancy.

The scientists compared the levels of vitamin D in 55 pregnant women who had pre-eclampsia with 219 women, normal pregnancy conditions. It turned out that the number of hydroxide vitamin D in the group with pre-eklamisa fewer than any other group ranges from 10 nanomol / liter. The results of this study has not been supported by other studies. But experts still recommend that pregnant mothers to always adequate intake of vitamin D. Therefore, vitamin D deficiency can cause abnormalities in fetal bone.

Remember to sharpen power. In our brain there are a lot of vitamin D receptor Therefore, experts believe vitamin D plays an important role in improving intelligence and memory. But until now, how vitamin D could increase the number of neurons in the brain still continues to be studied. Clearly, vitamin D helps the absorption of DHA was working to form brain cells.

Strengthen teeth and bones. Already recognized by many people that vitamin D could help the cells in the body become healthy. Including cells making tooth and bone. This may be done by the Vitamin D along with calcium.

Asus, K Series, The brand New Notebook

Notebook latest K series and Asus provides Intel Core processors power the second generation of the Huron River as well as the latest generation graphics cards. This specification produces accelerated computing experience is very good,with improved multitasking performance, multimedia, and gaming. 

The existence of DirectX 11 gaming performance also resulted in the latest K series to be impressive. This notebook series has a more durable aluminum coating that is able to offer a unique personal touch in a variety of colors. 

For young kids who need notebook in accordance with their personal, multicolor K series also provides a variety of metallic colors, like pink Seduction, Urban Green, Chill Blue, Passion Red, and Gold Party. With the addition of the ASUS exclusive technology IceCool will provide extra comfort for its users because the palm rest when you typing it would always feel cold.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

the concept of rationalism in science

Taken from the Latin "ratio" which means mind. What is meant by stream flow is rationalism which states that "mind" is a high case. However, the definition of rationalism may vary by field.
So there are 3 methods well known in the discussion of the mind:  

First: the formal creation sylogisme Aristotle. Sylogisme weakness is that the conclusion does not always happen in reality.
Second: The method of deduction, Descartes's creation, which is based on the basic concepts of mind that must be true. Therefore, the resulting conclusions should also be true. This method is more applicable in the course subject and the method should also be true.
Third: The method of induction, the creation of bacon, which is based on observations and experiments on natural phenomena that remain and which controls these symptoms.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unique modem with an attractive menu display

Now available in the market so many external internet modem. The type and price range. There are juxtaposed with one operator service providers. There is a modem only. But there is a modem that interesting today.

If the modem is usually only have a standard start menu view, there is a modem that has a different view. More colorful, informative and cool. Perhaps the phrase that will be thrown when trying this modem.

Yes, all that can be encountered in modem made ​​by speedup that has studio 9. Studio 9 itself is an artificial speedup own user interface which is interactive. Through this feature, when active in cyberspace, you do not need to open a web browser because the initial menu is available features such as banking, news, e-books, comics, music, videos to movie reviews. Studio 9 will open new horizons because it will reduce the gap between who simply need the information to really know.

Another plus through studio 9, you can immediately check the pulse and usage statistics with ease. In fact, the available features of a working network access logs to see the quality of the network in an area. Modems are easily grasped and berstrip cool features unsparing warranty that is about 3 years.

Friday, March 11, 2011

“The Best Comes With The Lowest” with cheap secured loans

Are you searching a loan that would be relatively cheap? If yes, then your search ends here, as cheap secured loans are specially customized for you.

Cheap secured loans are offered against any collateral. It could be real estate, automobiles or some other valuable assets. Generally, with cheap secured loans, the ranges of borrowed amount are from £3,000 to £75,000. But, in case of greater amount, lenders will check the worth of your collateral. If your collateral has higher value then, lenders will not only be willing to offer higher amount but also a lower interest rate. Even cheap secured loans are available for a comfortable duration of up to 25 years and you can pay off the installments either monthly or quarterly.

Cheap secured loans however are offered at better terms and conditions that suit the borrower’s requirement. The interest rate of cheap secured loans varies from individual to individual. For a regular income earner, a lower monthly loan will help in saving a big sum of money. On the other hand, for a person whose monthly income is not stable, a loan with flexible monthly payments such as overpayments, underpayments or payment holiday will be highly suitable.

Nevertheless, cheap secured loans are obtainable against your valuable collateral. And for that, in case you fail to repay that can put your collateral in danger. So, before applying, you will have to calculate the amount you want to borrow as a loan. Needless to say, should borrow the exact amount, as borrowing a larger amount may become a huge financial burden in future.

Now the question is how can you get a cheap secured loan. It is a bit tough as many lenders offer cheap secured loans to lure people. But in reality, these loans are not at all cheap. Don’t worry. With some effort, you will be able to get a cheap secured loan. First of all, list your requirement- decide the amount you want to borrow, how long would you like the repayment period to be, what amount of monthly installment are you comfortable with.

Next step is choosing lenders. Besides traditional lenders, you can opt for online cheap secured loans. Even, finding an online cheap secured loan is easier- Just a click brings all data within a minute. And last but not the list, comparative judgment of various quotes will help you to get the best deal.

“The best comes with the lowest”- this line is truly applicable for cheap secured loans. Like other secured loans, cheap secured loans provide same facilities at cheap rate. It’s a favorable opportunity that will suit your pocket.

Active Security Monitor

Active Security Monitor is a tool that can be used to examine a number of security components of the PC and will give you some important information to quickly equip your PC with PC security products, such as Antivirus, Firewall, Anti Spyware, and so forth.


Administrative patterns in the reign Caliph Muawiyah

Caliph Muawiyah founded a well-organized government. When Mu'awiya became ruler happened many difficulties. Government decentralized empire seemed chaotic. The emergence of anarchism and indiscipline nomads who are no longer controlled by the bond of religion and moral cause instability everywhere and the loss of unity. Institute of theocracy that has unifying Caliphate comes first, without being able to avoid being destroyed by the murder of Uthman, by civil war as a result, and by moving the capital from Medina. Oligarchy in Mecca was defeated and vilified. Muawiyah tried to find a new basis for imperial cohesion. Therefore, he changed his religion into the secular state sovereignty. Even so, elements of religion in government and the government does not disappear altogether. Muawiyah still comply with the formalities of religion and sometimes shows itself as an Islamic warrior. 

Muawiyah implement major changes in government and prominent in the country. Army very strong and efficient. He can count on the Syrians troops obedient and faithful, who still stood beside him in the most dangerous ones. With the help of people loyal to Syria, Muawiyah tried to establish a stable government under Byzantine rule lines. She works hard for a smooth system for the very first use. 

Muawiyah was the first person in Islam who founded a department record (diwanulkahatam). Every regulations issued by khalifah must copied within an registers, then original must sealed and sent to address dituju. Previously, the caliph gives 1000 dirhams to someone from the provincial treasury. The letter containing the order was intercepted in the middle of the road, and the number is modified with a higher rate. 

Services pas (diwanulbarid) reportedly has been introduced by Muawiyah. Barid or head right to tell the central government about what is going on in government in the province. In this way, Muawiyah carry out power in central government. He formed two imperial secretariat (center) is the Arabic media, and the provincial secretariat of the Greek and Persian language. As a far-sighted administrator, Muawiyah separate the financial affairs of government affairs. He appointed a governor in each province to do government`s work. However, to levy taxes, in each province, he appointed a special officer with a degree sahibulkharaj. These officials are not bound by the governor, and he was appointed by the caliph. In financial matters, the governor should hang himself in sahibulkharaj, and it limits his power.

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