Monday, April 30, 2012

Invasion by android technology, small, green and high tech

In 2012 it is an invasion of communication and information technologies increasingly widespread, in addition to using the modern communication system, appeared an innovation on communication by coupling system "Android Robot" into the data communications. This innovation has the characteristics and Trademark Obviously, this characteristic is only owned this robot, which is small and has a green color (but not a robot of chameleon). In fact, this robot make an invasion into the human world is not just for the invasion only, therefore be careful since this robot managed to drugged a lot of people do not want to turn to other places besides the green robot.

Android is a communication system used in an electronic device, which has advantages in the ability of the operating system, so that a quick update existing software in the electronic devices through the addition of bug fixes and new features. The form of mobile electronic devices that are being circulated at the present time, and until now, had a lot of people are turning to mobile phones based on Android system.

Android was originally a small company that has a data base in Palo Alto, California, United States. Because it has a great future, a company called Android Inc. was later purchased by Google as a giant company 7 years ago, precisely in 2005. At first, the android system the same as computer operating systems that developing from year to year. Like most computer operating systems have different versions (name it windows that originated from MS-DOS, Windows 90 and Millennium, XP, Vista, 7 and the latest windows 8) neither does the Android. Android has a variety of versions with integrated features in it such as:
First version. Android released the first version is called the Android version 1.1. equipped with an update on the application, alarm clock, voice search, sending messages through google mail, and e-mail notifications.

Second versions. The second version of Android is better known as Cupcake Android version 1.5. with the features of the ability to record and watch videos with a camera, upload to Youtube video, and pictures to Picasa directly via mobile phones. There's also Bluetooth A2DP support, can automatically connect to a Bluetooth headset, animated screen, keyboard and screen that can be adapted to the system.
Third version. Android Doughnut version 1.6. his name. Equipped with the latest features in this android is a camera, camcorder, which is integrated gallery and allows you to delete the photos in the gallery.

Fourth version. Named by Android Eclair version 2.1. with the operating system is much better since an increase in its outlook. In addition, Android Eclair an increase in e-mail account so that we can have multiple e-mail accounts at once. There are also changes in the Bluetooth connection to version 2.1. and features a live wallpaper is wallpaper that can be moved using animation so that seem more real.
Fifth version. Android  Froyo which stands for Frozen Yogurt version 2.2. Android Froyo versions have performance, memory, and higher speeds. And a unique, Android Froyo has the function of "tethering", which makes android gadget can be used wi-fi router.
Sixth version. Android Gingerbread version 2.3. it`s nickname that has the technology to the smartphone-based processor and has a larger screen. This version also provides a feature to copy / paste and a new download manager for easy set up file. There are also features of NFC or Near Field Communication which allows you to pay for the goods, get information and even book your ticket directly at the places that have NFC tag. 

Seventh version. With the nickname Android Honeycomb 3.1. designed specifically for tablet type computers. Android version supports larger screen sizes. Honeycomb Android also supports multiple processors and hardware acceleration for graphics.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teeth and mouth, let's watch and clean, and give your beautiful smile

There is a term for young people in Indonesia on a toothache, especially among students either new entrants or the nearly finished college. "If asked to choose, it is better broken heart than a toothache", yes that's how it feels if we are exposed to dental pain, whether it be in the gums, cavities or other. Toothache for a while but it was very painful, of course, unlike the case with other illnesses. Aside from feeling pain around the teeth, head, eye pain, too, alluded to this one. The pain on teeth and in the head feel dizziness, and even your eyes could be darker when you; feel hot and cold on your body which resemble a fever. Therefore, let us keep our teeth clean and healthy.

Dental is one of the adjacent organ of the human body directly, and almost every time visited by bacteria that come from the food we chew or comes from objects that have direct contact to the mouth. Such as toothbrushes, cups, spoons, and so forth. It is not surprising that many dentists recommend that we visit always keep cleaning things we put in our mouths.
A result of it all, then my article today will discuss how the importance of maintaining teeth health and hygiene.

Dental hygiene is not maintained in a state will invite a wide range of diseases, one of which is bleeding gums, tooth decay and will even cause cancer in the palate. Therefore, here are some tips for you all in maintaining hygiene and teeth health:
For those of you who have activity every day, remind yourself to brush your teeth at least twice a day, that is, after breakfast and before bed at night. Its function is when the morning we always get brushing your teeth first and eat, but it is not effective because it is better to brush your teeth after eating. While at night, when the mouth is closed will not get oxygen, so that at night the bacteria can multiply quickly.

You should brush your teeth immediately after eating foods that are sweet and sticky. Sweet food scraps that are not immediately cleared be a major reason of cavities. And if you drink coffee, tea or soft drinks intended to use it in the teeth do not drink directly because of the drink can make a strong damage to the teeth. Stop smoking as well because in addition to the yellow colored teeth, smoking also can cause gum disease and oral cancer.
Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Do not brush your teeth with coarse teeth and gums because it is a sensitive matter. When brushing with hard will cause erosion of the email (protective layer) of the teeth. And do not forget to brush your teeth properly. Brush your teeth with the up and down or from the gums towards the teeth.

Brush teeth that you use should not be placed haphazardly in the bathroom, new research suggests the condition of the toothbrush in the bathroom contains a lot of bacteria, so use protection toothbrush toothbrush when not in use and replace your toothbrush when it is worn for 4-5 months.
Do not forget to clean your tongue when brushing your teeth. Surface of the tongue into place bacterial growth, therefore, should be cleaned to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.
Water is the liquid that is very useful for mouth and teeth because it is able to clean teeth, vegetables and fruits are also capable of such as strawberries, apples, carrots and celery. Use strawberries because strawberries can whiten teeth. The trick with strawberry crush it and stick to the teeth with a finger. Let stand until 2 minutes later with a clean toothbrush thoroughly.

For mothers who are pregnant, you should throw up every time out to brush my teeth or rinse his mouth as much as possible. Because vomit is accompanied by stomach acid can damage tooth enamel and over time will decay.

Perform routine checks to the dentist so your teeth can be well maintained. If there are holes in the teeth should be patched. And if there is tartar, you should take care dental health in accordance with the procedure. And use the dental floss to clean between the teeth, not too often use a toothpick.

Dental health is not just to see how healthy your teeth and mouth. Besides the goal of health, dental and mouth also increase our confidence around. Because the teeth and mouth affects a person's smile and a person's smile is very desirable by many people. So first article in the teeth for this time. Hopefully with these tips we have a good and healthy teeth. Come on ..... let`s Brush our Teeth!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Aku Binatang Jalang", dedicated to Chairil Anwar, celebrating 63 years (Died in April 28th 1949)

"Aku Binatang Jalang, dari kumpulannya yang terbuang" the words that came from a young poet who lived during the Indonesian independence movement. Someone who wants to contribute to the country of Indonesia with his poems are harsh and arouse controversy, but alive. A young man who lived not so long in this world, died at the age of the productive, at the age of 27 years. I want to live another 100 years, old are still young Anwar your work but keep in mind all the time.

Anwar (born in Medan, North Sumatra, July 26, 1922 - died in Jakarta, 28 April 1949 at age 27 years), otherwise known as "The Beast Bitch" (from his work, I) is Indonesia's leading poets. Together Asrul Sani and Rivai Apin, he was named by HB Jassin as a pioneer of modern poetry Force '45 and Indonesia.

Here the famous poem from Chairil Anwar:


Kalau sampai waktuku
'Ku mau tak seorang kan merayu
Tidak juga kau

Tak perlu sedu sedan itu

Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang

Biar peluru menembus kulitku
Aku tetap meradang menerjang

Luka dan bisa kubawa berlari
Hingga hilang pedih peri

Dan aku akan lebih tidak perduli

Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi

Maret 1943


Kami yang kini terbaring antara Krawang-Bekasi
tidak bisa teriak "Merdeka" dan angkat senjata lagi.
Tapi siapakah yang tidak lagi mendengar deru kami,
terbayang kami maju dan mendegap hati ?

Kami bicara padamu dalam hening di malam sepi
Jika dada rasa hampa dan jam dinding yang berdetak
Kami mati muda. Yang tinggal tulang diliputi debu.
Kenang, kenanglah kami.

Kami sudah coba apa yang kami bisa
Tapi kerja belum selesai, belum bisa memperhitungkan arti 4-5 ribu nyawa

Kami cuma tulang-tulang berserakan
Tapi adalah kepunyaanmu
Kaulah lagi yang tentukan nilai tulang-tulang berserakan

Atau jiwa kami melayang untuk kemerdekaan kemenangan dan harapan
atau tidak untuk apa-apa,
Kami tidak tahu, kami tidak lagi bisa berkata
Kaulah sekarang yang berkata

Kami bicara padamu dalam hening di malam sepi
Jika ada rasa hampa dan jam dinding yang berdetak

Kenang, kenanglah kami
Teruskan, teruskan jiwa kami
Menjaga Bung Karno
menjaga Bung Hatta
menjaga Bung Sjahrir

Kami sekarang mayat
Berikan kami arti
Berjagalah terus di garis batas pernyataan dan impian

Kenang, kenanglah kami
yang tinggal tulang-tulang diliputi debu
Beribu kami terbaring antara Krawang-Bekasi


Cancer, type of and early symptoms in the body that must be considered

After a long time wait, finally made ​​also an article about health, but health is very important in our lives. Articles on health will discuss the general classification of cancer and how the shape of the symptoms of existing cancer. Therefore, this article may be useful for us all.

One thing that is said with cancer is a disease that is dangerous, because it can make the system work the organs in the human body can stop working and even infected. In general, cancer takes a lot of casualties due to very little attention to people with cancer understand what he was exposed to the disease or not, the first step to survive the malignancy of cancer is to know the early symptoms of cancer. Thus, the initial step in the treatment of cancer detection correctly is that the symptoms that appear on the patient's body is truly malignant cancer cells. This detection system can be done by a biopsy examination, so that the treatment step can be performed quickly and precisely. The next step is a therapeutic treatment in a conventional way or using modern technology division using chemotherapy or gamma rays.

According to wikipedia site, In general, cancers are cited according to the organ or cell type where they are incurred. For example, cancer that begins in the colon are referred to as colon cancer, while cancer that occurs in basal cells of the skin referred to as basal cell carcinoma. Cancer classification is then performed on the more general category, for example:

Carcinoma, a cancer that occurs in epithelial tissues such as skin or tissue that surrounds organs, such as organ or gland in the digestive system. Examples include skin cancer, cervical carcinoma, anal carcinoma, esophageal cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, laryngeal cancer, hipernefroma, gastric cancer, testiskular cancer and thyroid cancer.

(Picture from
Sarcoma, a cancer that occurs in the bone such as osteosarcoma, such as kondrosarkoma cartilage, muscle tissue as rabdomiosarcoma, adipose tissue, blood vessels and tissues supporting the conductor or the other.

Leukemia, a cancer that occurs due to the maturation of blood cells that develop in the bone marrow and have a tendency to accumulate in the blood circulation.

Lymphoma, a cancer arising from the lymph nodes and tissues in the body's immune system

Above are the symptoms of disease with various types of cancer. Cancer is actually a disease in which cells in the human body multiply abnormally so that interfere with the growth of other cells and even hinder the performance of the cells within the body. It's also, which resulted in a bumps and even like rotting flesh because of competition from life in the process of cancer cells and normal cells. And in fact, cancer cells always win so normal cells to die like rotting flesh. So first article, hopefully in the future we can maintain our health and can live happily as we desire.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Phases of the development of anthropology in the world Science

During its development, the science of anthropology is one of the disciplines that could affect the pattern of human life. Interactions that exist among humans could create a civilization and culture are based on agreements that happen. Knowledge of materials are often used in discussing human life itself is one of anthropology. Hence, let's start this article with a glance at the first phase of the development of anthropology.

The first phase (before the year 1800)
. Tribes of indigenous peoples of Africa, Asia and America began to be visited by Europeans since the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century and during the four centuries of the newcomers are settling in areas inhabited by indigenous people. Call it like the Spanish, Portuguese is able to reach areas in Asia and America. France and Britain were able to come to the black continent or continent of Africa. Together with their arrival, the start of a collection of books of travel stories, reports, and so forth, the fruit of the hands of travelers, sailors, priests and various other woods thing. All that makes a new society that will survive until this century.

(source image from 

Second phase (Approximately Mid-19th Century). A significant new processes arising in the mid-19th century. In short, society and human culture have evolved very slowly in a period of thousands of years old, from low levels. At that time the desire of people who want to write different kinds of stories the facts and non-fact to provide a valuable legacy to the future. European nations at that time regarded as laying the first stone of a high civilization to cultures outside the European nations are considered to be the remains.

The third phase (beginning 20th century). In the 20th century, most of the countries in the European colonizers each managed to achieve stability of power in the colonies outside of Europe. Closely concerned with the power arises an idea to study the colonized nations as a public curiosity at the time. An understanding of the complex is not when there is a sense of community that will add a sense of what is called a complex society? In this phase, the science of anthropology into a practical science, and its purpose can be defined as "the science that studies society and culture of the nations outside of Europe in the interests of the colonial government and to get an understanding of today's complex society.

Fourth Phase (After about 1930). In this phase, the science of anthropology has the most extensive period of development, both on the increasing knowledge of the material much more thoroughly, and the sharpness of scientific methods. Unless we see that there are two changes in the world: 

The emergence of antipathy toward colonialism after World War II and the rapid loss of primitive peoples in terms of the indigenous communities that still depend on nature and cultures isolated from the outside. Regarding the goal, the new science of anthropology in the fourth phase of its development can be divided into two, namely academics goals and practical goals. Academics goal is to reach an understanding of human beings in general by studying the physical form is colorful, community, and culture. While for practical purposes is a study of man in colorful tribal society in order to build a civilization in the tribal society was.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I`ve just lost my motorcycle today, So sad

Well, I guest this post it is not relevant with this blog category. But, I hope you could understand how I feel it. You know, how we feel when we lost what we own. Such as money, cellphone, laptop, car, motorcycle, or may be girlfriend. But right now, we are not talking about why we lost girlfriend but exactly I want to share you that I lost my Motorcycle. And I`ve just lost my bike only last 3 hours today. This is the same type of my bike

Exactly that I really sad cause I lost it. I only own 1 year from I buy that bike. The situation was so lonely and sad.

Actually today I want to watch semifinals UEFA Champions League that have a big match between Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich. And you know bad luck came and the thief (such an animal) stolen my bike last 3 hours. And I cannot speak anymore just feel speechless.

I already do anything, make a report to police, asked anyone near the crime scene. Well, like in Indonesia we said "
when it happens, it happens " we only hope that God give me a sight. Tomorrow I am going to some place which suspected my bike will be there. Please give me support that I hope my bike that will be found.

May Allah SWT listen my Pray.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Several things that we must understand in management of an industry in the production of goods

Basically, all the activities to be implemented must have a strategy and tactics, or in other languages ​​is called planning. All of this relates to the production. Production processes are running smoothly and well is a matter that is expected by the company. To realize the production process to keep it running properly, it requires a management that can manage the entire production activities.
Management is the key to the successful achievement of objectives of an organization. Organization will not be able to answer any challenges that arise as a result of technological change, organizational change, and environmental aspects of industrial activity in the absence of an effective management.

According to Manullang (1996), management is an art and science of planning, organizing, preparing, directing, and monitoring of resources to achieve its intended purpose. Production is an activity to increase or create a benefit that consists of the addition of benefits form, time benefits, and benefits of a place or a combination in between. Therefore, production management can be defined as a management process that is applied in the production or activity within an enterprise.
Management role is to combine the factors of production such that it can produce products and services more effectively through the management process consisting of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling (Sumarni and Soeprihanto, 2000). Management functions according to Ahyari (1999), consists of:

Planning is a decision taken now to be done in the future. The emphasis of the plan is the decision-making, where decisions will be implemented during the period of implementation.

Organizing is the process of creating relationships between the components of the organization with the aim that all activities are directed at achieving organizational goals. The organization of co-operation which includes how well the corporate environment that affect labor productivity. Describes the organization of the line of authority from each of the elements involved in the production of which is described in the organizational structure.
Production of components which should be directed in the organization include the work to be done, who should carry out such work, and tools to be used to run the job. All three components must be coordinated properly in order to achieve production goals.
Directing is the management functions related to the business of giving guidance, advice, orders or instructions to subordinates in carrying out their respective tasks, so goals can be executed well and truly fixed on the intended purpose. This briefing is intended to secure the opinions and aspirations of individual staff and employees to achieve corporate goals.

Coordination is a management function in the form of preparation of personnel in an organization since the recruitment, development to the business so that each employee can give power to maximum power to the company. This function is also a management process that involves cooperation in carrying out the task of inter-or cross-section of each party as well. This process takes the role of mutual communication between superiors and subordinates, and vice versa.
Supervision or control is a systematic process for evaluating whether the organization's activities have been carried out in accordance with a predetermined plan or not. If not implemented, then made ​​a diagnosis of the causes for further corrective action is taken.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Several factors influence why we have to do business online

build an online store requires some preparation with respect to some things related in it. Some of which must be prepared to make an online web store should have several advantages over non-online stores. There is basically no difference so far between the non-online stores to shop online, only online store offering a direct sales, is by offering a product or service directly through the business website that has been available. Besides that, certainly in terms of physical form, an online store only requires a website to display all the photos and a description of its products, does not require the building. However, why should an online store? advantage factor is the strongest reason to set up an online store. Some of the advantages of online stores, among others:

  • You can do the selling around the world.
  • You do not need a physical building, designing a showroom, or rent a building store / shop complex at a cost that is very expensive.
  • You do not have to hire employees, shopkeepers, or find a means of transport to promote your product.
  • Your online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; no days off.
  • Form of payment can be set in accordance with the requirements as bank transfer, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and others, as well as the applicable currency (dollars, dinars, dollar, euro, etc.).
  • Order / purchase via the online store can reach the entire world. Even so, you can still limit the purchaser only to certain cities, and the Islands / countries, in line with your targets.
  • Payment system is safe, use the security system is encrypted (scrambled).
  • Delivery modes can be set in accordance with the conditions that exist in your premises, eg by mail, Fedex, DHL, and others. Keep in mind that many businesses online stores that attract the attention of prospective buyers from the ease and speed the delivery of goods to consumers, and some even provide free shipping and warranty damage.
  • Form view your online store very easily understood by the buyer so the buyer will increase traffic to automatically increase your revenue.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Definition of sociology according to experts who have presented

In general, a procedure in any language, a word can have a universal meaning. However, when viewed in the terms and etymology of the word, then he will have different meanings between one person to another.

It is also the same as understanding a discipline. This time, we discuss discipline are the social sciences to the scope of sociology. Sociological sense is very difficult to look for a definition that can be put forward its entire meaning of implied or not the overall meaning, nature, and essence are referred to in the sentence.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a standard that is generally done to determine what the definition of sociology. Thus, all the people in general are able to accept the definition of that science. To that end, following a definition or understanding of some of the experts who have become the benchmark while the sociology of the following:
Pitirim Sorokin said that sociology is a science that studies:
  • relationship and mutual influence between the various kinds of social phenomena (eg between economic phenomenon with religion; family with moral law with the economy, community and political movements, etc.).
  • relations and reciprocal influences between social phenomena with symptoms of non-social (eg symptoms of geographic, biological, and so on).
  • general characteristics of all types of social phenomen
Roucek and Warren argued that sociology is the study of relationships between people in groups.

William F. Ogburn and Meyer F. Nimkoff argue that sociology is the scientific study of social interaction and the result is social organization.

J. A. A. van Doorn and C. J. Lammers argued that sociology is the science of structures and social processes that are stable.

Selo sumardjan and Soelaeman Soemardi states that sociology is the science or the science community that studies the social structure and social processes, including social changes. and subsequently by Selo Soemardjan Soelaeman Soemardi, social structure is the overall fabric of the social elements that are fundamental social norms (social norms), social institutions, groups and social strata. Social process is the mutual influence between the various aspects of life along.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Definition of political science and developments in the World

Talk about politics we would be thinking in the direction of government, governance procedures in the management, government policies are issued as well as a few things about political parties, parliamentarians and others. All this is a discussion of the scope of political science who taught in the books as well as from several experts.
Political science is essentially the basis of the social sciences in general and is often regarded as one of the branches of social sciences who have a foundation, frame, focus and scope of the obvious. Political science can be said as a young science, because of the new born in the 19th century, was at that time many events that could produce new ideas about power. Look like the French Revolution, Italy, and several countries at that time caught up in an atmosphere of absolute monarchy of the king.
In its website, Wikipedia says that political science is a branch of social science that addresses the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior. This science-oriented academic, theoretical, and research. The scientist study the allocation and transfer of political power in decision making, roles and systems of governance including governments and international organizations, political behavior and public policy. They measure the success of governance and specific policies by examining many factors, including stability, justice, material wealth, and peace. Some political scientists seek to develop this science in a positive way to do political analysis. While others do normative development by making specific policy recommendations.
With the scope of political science that can be scaled down, so at this stage to grow significantly in political science and adjacent to the branches of the other social sciences. Often we see that the problems often associated with problems of political sociology, Anthropology, Law, government. It shows that there a mutual influence between these disciplines.
Prof. Miriam Budiardjo in his book entitled "Basics of Political Science" says, in continental European countries such as Germany, Austria and France, a discussion of politics in the 18th century and the 19 is much influenced by the science of law and therefore the focus of attention is the state only. Discussion of the state including the curriculum as a course Sciences Faculty of Law State (Staatslehre). In England the political issues are considered including philosophy, particularly moral philosophy, and bahasannya is considered inseparable from the history. However, with the establishment of the Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques in Paris and the London School of Economics and Political Science in political science for the first time in these countries is considered as a separate discipline that deserves a place in college curriculum.
In this case I see the existence of a superior development of political science that looks at the cases given. In fact, in the United States there was a development that different. Juridical early pressure as found in Europe affect the discussion of political issues, but after a long time arises a strong desire to break free from judicial pressure, and more based upon empirical data collection. Incidentally subsequent developments coincided with the development of sociology and psychology, so that both branches are a lot of influence methodology and terminology.    
Until in 1858 a German-born scholar, Francis Lieber, danalm appointed as professor of history and political science at Columbia College, and the incident in the United States is considered as the first recognition of political science as a science in itself. Subsequent development of fast runs, which can be seen also from the establishment, American Political Science Association (APSA) in 1904.
From this history we can see the development of political science in the countries of Europe and America. So first of my articles on political science this article may be useful for us all. 

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