Thursday, April 26, 2012

I`ve just lost my motorcycle today, So sad

Well, I guest this post it is not relevant with this blog category. But, I hope you could understand how I feel it. You know, how we feel when we lost what we own. Such as money, cellphone, laptop, car, motorcycle, or may be girlfriend. But right now, we are not talking about why we lost girlfriend but exactly I want to share you that I lost my Motorcycle. And I`ve just lost my bike only last 3 hours today. This is the same type of my bike

Exactly that I really sad cause I lost it. I only own 1 year from I buy that bike. The situation was so lonely and sad.

Actually today I want to watch semifinals UEFA Champions League that have a big match between Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich. And you know bad luck came and the thief (such an animal) stolen my bike last 3 hours. And I cannot speak anymore just feel speechless.

I already do anything, make a report to police, asked anyone near the crime scene. Well, like in Indonesia we said "
when it happens, it happens " we only hope that God give me a sight. Tomorrow I am going to some place which suspected my bike will be there. Please give me support that I hope my bike that will be found.

May Allah SWT listen my Pray.

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