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Cancer, type of and early symptoms in the body that must be considered

After a long time wait, finally made ​​also an article about health, but health is very important in our lives. Articles on health will discuss the general classification of cancer and how the shape of the symptoms of existing cancer. Therefore, this article may be useful for us all.

One thing that is said with cancer is a disease that is dangerous, because it can make the system work the organs in the human body can stop working and even infected. In general, cancer takes a lot of casualties due to very little attention to people with cancer understand what he was exposed to the disease or not, the first step to survive the malignancy of cancer is to know the early symptoms of cancer. Thus, the initial step in the treatment of cancer detection correctly is that the symptoms that appear on the patient's body is truly malignant cancer cells. This detection system can be done by a biopsy examination, so that the treatment step can be performed quickly and precisely. The next step is a therapeutic treatment in a conventional way or using modern technology division using chemotherapy or gamma rays.

According to wikipedia site, In general, cancers are cited according to the organ or cell type where they are incurred. For example, cancer that begins in the colon are referred to as colon cancer, while cancer that occurs in basal cells of the skin referred to as basal cell carcinoma. Cancer classification is then performed on the more general category, for example:

Carcinoma, a cancer that occurs in epithelial tissues such as skin or tissue that surrounds organs, such as organ or gland in the digestive system. Examples include skin cancer, cervical carcinoma, anal carcinoma, esophageal cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, laryngeal cancer, hipernefroma, gastric cancer, testiskular cancer and thyroid cancer.

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Sarcoma, a cancer that occurs in the bone such as osteosarcoma, such as kondrosarkoma cartilage, muscle tissue as rabdomiosarcoma, adipose tissue, blood vessels and tissues supporting the conductor or the other.

Leukemia, a cancer that occurs due to the maturation of blood cells that develop in the bone marrow and have a tendency to accumulate in the blood circulation.

Lymphoma, a cancer arising from the lymph nodes and tissues in the body's immune system

Above are the symptoms of disease with various types of cancer. Cancer is actually a disease in which cells in the human body multiply abnormally so that interfere with the growth of other cells and even hinder the performance of the cells within the body. It's also, which resulted in a bumps and even like rotting flesh because of competition from life in the process of cancer cells and normal cells. And in fact, cancer cells always win so normal cells to die like rotting flesh. So first article, hopefully in the future we can maintain our health and can live happily as we desire.


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