Thursday, June 23, 2011

Countries dream for Students: Canada (Part One)

Neighboring countries, the United States has also become one of the goals and students to study. About 50 universities and more than 150 colleges are generally owned by the government to offer science and technology. Several types of existing higher education;

University. Held a variety of fields of study and grant degrees ranging from bachelor's (undergraduate), master (graduate), up to doctoral (postgraduate), as well as certificates and professional degrees.

Community College / Technical College. An institution which organizes the professional education program, practically oriented and very interested in the world of work. Education takes a long time for 1-3 years.

University College. It is a blend of university and college. University College held a lecture with small classes and have a good support student services.

Career College. Is a private college, usually short-term education programs in preparation for employment. Practical career education in college, students can take a culinary specialties such as art, hospitality management, and computers.

Expenditure per year (in Canadian dollars):
School Fee/ University fee ranges from 8000-25000.
accommodation, meals range from 9000-15000.
insurance ranges from 800-1000.
Allowance ranges from 3000-5000.
The book ranges from 600-1000.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Office Cubicle an efficiency room desaign

work has become part of your routine. To support the performance of work, of course, it needed an office-appropriate advice. Not only the printer engine, scanner, fax, and telephone, but comfortable office interiors are also a valuable asset. 

Unfortunately, not all offices have a roomy workspace. Consequently, with limited space and number of employees who are many, the architect must be very clever to design a room that is effective, but still able to provide comfort. 

Finally, the current solution is to use a cubicle workspace. Derived from the Latin, meaning cubiculum bedroom, cubicle office has now become a plural section encountered. 

The terms and application of this cubicle was originally introduced by John Shiflett in 1965. Designers from Colorado, the United States is making a prototype to his office Herman Miller Inc., a manufacturer of office furniture. 

Prototype made by John was originally composed of modular units with an open concept that is simple, a new concept in that era. Cubicle usually is the work area for one person complete with table and chairs plus septum 1.5-1.8 meters tall. 

The existence of this cubicle allows the workers still have privacy, also support them to continue to concentrate on work. Initially, the use of cubicle can easily be found in technology companies and insurance information. 

Ironically, it turns behind the existing benefits, cubicle often gets a negative connotation, namely cube farm. As if working space is so limited by barriers and the workers seemed to live only in a box. 

Stated another first today. Now cubicle design view appears more comfortable. Formerly rigid now more flexible to adjust the interior of the office. Many interior designers and architects to plan the concept of office space with a mature and integrated. 

In addition, to support area more comfortable as well as the field is modular in cubicle desainn. With a modern minimalist design allows office furniture including desks can easily be changed at any time.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Implementation of green technology in cellular communications by Telkomsel

Indonesian mobile company, Telkomsel aware that the sustainability of the withdrawal in harmony with nature preservation. children's work through the country, Green Technology innovation can never stop created. Until now, no less than 2200 BTS (base transceiver stations) are based on environmentally friendly scattered in various parts of the territory of Indonesia.

Ministry of Energy and mineral resources has recently mentioned the energy reserves of fossil / fossil fuels was only able to survive for the next 20 years. Wisdom in the use of energy / fossil fuels have been proposed and implemented for the sake of absolute for human survival. Therefore, Telkomsel as one of the largest telecommunication companies in Indonesia have been aware from the beginning to operate in creating technology-based mobile telecommunications technology green (environmentally friendly). In a sense not only build a network infrastructure that uses fossil fuels but rather use alternative energy.

Benefits of solar energy and water to smooth communication

There are several choices of energy sources in the operation of the BTS. First is the use of solar energy resources to ensure availability of power supply to the BTS. The existence of this solar energy from the cost side is relatively so cheap to meet the needs of about 0115 Megawatt electric power. No less than 164 BTS-type solar cell's Telkomsel has spread across the territory of Indonesia.

In addition to utilizing solar energy as an energy source for power supply base stations, Telkomsel considers it necessary to utilize the potential of river water flow in all regions of Indonesia. Through mikrohido technology (utilization of river water flow as a source of electrical energy) to make BTS Telkomsel to build this type of micro hydro Indonesian people for smooth communication. This is supported also by the need for the Indonesian people who live in rural areas.

Solar cell and mikrohido technology has been applied, in addition to existing renewable energy sources by making use of materials Baar hydrogen (or fuel cell technology). The advantage of this energy source, among others, no noise, no moving parts and produces no pollution due to wastes generated are water molecules.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Television and the Internet increasingly unified

 (image from

Television set is no longer just a tool for viewing only, but also interact with the virtual world. The style is more interesting to watch this will soon affect the way viewers in this country enjoy a glass viewing screen.

Actually not just viewers who benefited, but also new opportunities for the electronics industry that has been impressed saturated. A new way which will certainly impact the future television viewing behavior and encourage the development of content industries of television.

Impressions through television stations are common, direct service from the satellite it is common, existing cable Tv. This year Telkom also provides services through the Internet or Internet protocol TV (IPTV) and TV are connected with the Internet provider (ISP), including mobile operators.

The presence of this new technology will further make TV viewers at home to linger in front of the plane. Boredom with the TV show can be filled with, among others, explore the virtual world, casual access to social networks like facebook or twitter.

Included are also chasing the news on a news site, not just read the running text of a brief saint. However, news website often features news faster than television.

At least, this development will be a moment forget the regulatory uncertainty that are just starting the process of migration to digital broadcasting. While demonstrating how far the world has evolved, even entering the broadcast of three-dimensional (3D) since 2010.

IPTV services by utilizing the Indonesian telecom cable network already carries its fixed telephone service kualidas HTTV (high definition). In fact, the 3D service will also be present through a cable or DSL, as well as digital broadcast satellite or from the course.

This new trend has made the world's electronics companies are competing. Like the LG, the electronics company as well as communication Korean origin are currently preparing for its newest product on TV. Besides the form of smart TV that can access the Internet, also a revolutionary 3D TV. 3D Impressions today it has become a global trend that will certainly affect the market. Although 3D broadcast has not enjoyed by all citizens of the world, at least the viewers can get a file via 3D blue-ray player on the market.

It's one of the new developments though a new generation of 3D TV still require viewers to wear special glasses. The quality is also much better than cheaper, lighter, only about 16 grams, and requires no battery power again or passive.

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