Friday, March 30, 2012

Two statement of Einstein that could change the world

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is a citizen of United States-Germany is a philosopher and pacifist-friendly. He was a teacher for two generations of intellectual theoretical physicist who left the prints of his work in nearly all area of studies modern physics.
In Einstein's postulates, the problems that exist in the Michelson-Morley experiment was solved by the theory of special relativity which forms the basis for new concepts of space and time. Space and time are the basis of the formation of physical phenomena on three-dimensional space and time curvature, it can also be developed into more than 3 dimensions.
Relativistic theory is based on two postulates are the following, which was filed in 1905 by Albert Einstein :
Events in physics can be described with the same statement in all relative systems. This means that there is no certainty in an experiment in making measurements related to space and time, we are only able to perform relative measurements of the two systems are compared. This problem lies in how the way we take measurements of certain references.
It may be that one day we will be finding a certain standard in the experiment, where we are both on the surface of the earth or in space. One example is the mass of an object on earth equal to the mass of the object on another planet equal to Earth's gravity.
Speed ​​of light is worth the same on all systems where we are. Rather strange indeed, the first postulate of relativity, but there is an exception to the absolute speed of light which has in all systems. Kenneth Krane in his book "Modern Physics" said "The second postulate seems clear and deceptively simple".

Michelson-Morley experiment did seem to indicate that the speed of light in the opposite direction and cross-share are the same. This suggests a specificity to the fact that light has the same speed from any reference point.

Monday, March 19, 2012

How to take care your car`s gear

Have you ever had hard time moving the gear lever to change gear in increasing the speed of your car? Alternatively, the gears have been moved to a high position, but we can not gear the car go fast gear because hard to move your car. It could be a symptom of your car clutch problem in the gear shift and it could be that you are able to influence and even cause damage to your car engine.

Coupling system to continue functioning and deciding round of the crankshaft to the transmission (gear) when it starts or when the engine or the engine will stop moving (moving to the drive system). The system is located between the engine and drive system (transmission). Constraints that often happens is the clutch slip, give way, or a sticky clutch.

The main cause of clutch problems in general are worn. Motorists often complain of frequent replace the clutch plates as it is. However, most of which occurred was not due to age factor of the material pembaut gear, but by way of transmission use. There are some riders who do not care about the exact positions of the clutch replacement car while providing lubrication for the clutch.

Do not hang the clutch pedal too long, this practice is often done when traffic jams on the streets or climbing uphill. Stamping that this responsibility can lead to high friction on the canvas clutch that can accelerate engine wear. It does not hurt, but otherwise you do not get used. Do the stamping on the responsibility at the time that really necessary in your driving.

Then adjust the transmission speed of the car with the car to lighten the work of the car. You can set the exact time for the clutch to shift gears by looking at the size of rounds per minute or rpm meter in addition to the speed marker. Of it all, it is not uncommon that the driver drove at high speed, but the position was in second or third gear, or vice versa.

Adjust the height of the clutch properly. there are still free to try to distance, the distance when the pedal was stepped up to something. When the position of the stamping is still 50 percent, but the car's speed was increased, then the settings were appropriate position. Get used to change gear smoothly. Put deeply your feet then remove gently and slowly. Change gear quickly and rough will cause friction clutch hard on the canvas that makes it wear faster. When this occurs, most likely slip also occurred.

You should check and care clutch regularly. So that the coupling conditions can be monitored, you get used to always use first gear to start running, including while stopped on the road even if only briefly. Start with the teeth on it will only accelerate the wear and tear.

Assou-Ekotto: Muamba collapse was surreal

FA Cup - Tottenham Hotspur v Bolton Wanderers, Owen Coyle, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, William Gallas and Darren Pratley
Getty Images
Tottenham full-back Benoit Assou-Ekotto has revealed his fear at witnessing Fabrice Mumba suffer a heart attack on the pitch during his side's abandoned game against Bolton.

The Cameroonian was close to Muamba when he collapsed and has since gone on to admit that the whole ordeal has left a mark on him.

"When I saw him lying on the pitch at White Hart Lane, I was scared," he told The Evening Standard.
"Scared for him, scared for his family, his friends and all those people who know him and who care about him

"I was also scared because he was just like me. He is young, supposedly fit - an athlete - who a few seconds ago was running up and down the same pitch as me

"I had flashbacks of what had happened to my countryman, the late Marc-Vivien Foe.

"You want to stop these thoughts but the pictures keep coming into your head and I must say I was scared.

"Scared as I wondered how it could all just end like that for a young man? I could see the same questions in the eyes of my team-mates, the Bolton players, our bosses and their colleagues.

"And I learnt a new word as I tried to make sense of it late on Saturday: surreal."

Despite being shaken by the incident, the left-back expressed his belief that it has brought people together and went on to praise both sides' managers and fans for their reaction to the game being called off.

"When the referee spoke with the two managers about abandoning the game, there was no hesitation," he added.

"When it was announced to the fans that the game would not continue, there were no complaints.

"People who had travelled from far and near were all focused on the wellbeing of Fabrice and nothing else mattered.

"They silently made their ways out of the stadium. When we sat in the dressing room afterwards we spoke only of Fabrice."

The Cameroon international also believes that the way the footballing community and the wider world at large has reacted to Muamba's plight has been touching.

He continued: "I have seen messages from people from the very far corners of the world all wishing Fabrice well. I have seen people who care very little for football talk about Fabrice.

"This is the true beauty and power of football. It connects people in a way that is hard to describe. It is this that I feel is the magic of the moment." 


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Earth hour Time 2012, Ini Aksiku mana Aksimu...?

March 31, 2012, at 08:30 to 09:30 local time in unison most of the people of the world will celebrate Earth Hour, an annual event that shows our concern for our planet. The event was conducted in the form of a power outage for 1 hour to conserve energy use.Earth has given so much to our lives, but how many problems we have done? abundant natural resources have resulted in the destruction of nature, so it is natural as nature often tell us through the events are capable of shocking the world.

Ineffective use of energy can provide harm to ourselves and even others. Come and take the people around us to make use of energy in order to be effective in order to save place to live for our children and grandchildren in the future.

Let's say earth hour together. Switch off your electricity for 1 hour for a better world. (wait for update)

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