Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goodbye to tired eyes

Dry and tired eye
The demands of office work or piling tasks often require paper we looked at a computer monitor all day. As a result, the eyes have computer vision syndrome or CVS is often abbreviated, is a state in which the eyes become tired and difficult to focus the object of our gaze.

CVS is another indication that the red eyes, sore, watery or dry, eyelids or forehead feels heavy, headaches (migraine), and pain in the shoulder. This is caused by the length of a radiation monitor that hit the eye. In addition to CVS, the eyes can also be affected by myopia or nearsightedness, high eye pressure or glaucoma medical and pull on the outer muscles of the eyeball.

To cope with tired eyes, there are a number of steps that you can do. First, keep your distance from the eye to view the monitor. The recommended distance monitor is about 50-100 cm from the eye. If necessary, you can enlarge the font text on the monitor.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to lighting. Should not work in a room that is too bright and dealing directly with the source of light. However, you also should not work with computers the room is too dark. Or our habit of working in the room with the lights turned off should not be done.

Third, switching to LCD (Liquid Chrystal Display). Tube or CRT monitors have the effect of radiation that is greater than LCD monitors. If you are still using a CRT, you should use filters to prevent eye disease tired.

Fourth, adjust the settings of your monitor. For example by adjusting the brightness in the face of the text or play games.

Fifth, you need to rest my eyes. If too long to see at close range, look away toward the distant. The trick you can do with a few minutes like winking eye as often as possible so that moisture is maintained.

Sixth, if necessary, do relaxation. You can lay down the shoulder on the back of the chair and closed for a few moments, breathe deeply. Or, put your elbows on the table with the palms facing up. Let the weight fall forward and his head fell into the hands. Then, pull a long breath. This will relieve your tension.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fluent in learning to drive a car

When riding a motorcycle is quite easy to learn, not so in reality when you have to learn the four-wheel drive car aka. In fact, it takes special time to really learn it. Besides the need to be a special time also need time to understand each other between the driver and the car or if the term the term is called the orientation with the car.

The most uncomfortable is much less you have a private car, but not proficient in the drive. You are more often the people who depend on others to bring your car in your daily activities.

To that end, learning to drive, needs to be done, not only benefit themselves, but it can help your family or friends in need of services in certain situations.

When the day came to learn, first prepare your mind. Try to think calmly, not to worry and so confident. Do not forget, wear clothes and comfortable footwear to support the activity of learning to drive. Do not wear clothes that make you uncomfortable.

Next, make sure the vehicle is used in normal circumstances, such as the function of the brake, accelerator, clutch, and excellent mechanical condition. In addition, make sure also mirrors and car lights function normally.

We recommend that you use a large-sized cars and wear facility manual clutch. If you use a private car, you should use a car that was insured to avoid unwanted circumstances.

As I sat in the car, try to adapt about 15 minutes, getting to know and understand the clutch pedal, brake, gas, and Speed Gear. Wear a seat belt, adjust the seat position, and walk.

When driving, follow the instructions from the teacher. Relax, no need to panic and unnecessary speeding, try the normal speed. Then do not hand in a state of tense and rigid in holding the steering wheel. Follow all traffic signs are up and running on track.

For the initial stage, try to learn driving a car within an hour beforehand. Ask the instructor to take you into the path of the dense, dense enough, and quiet. In the quiet lane, a short time you learn how to park the car and pulled back.

After finishing the first day, ask for an evaluation of teachers. Do a more continuous learning process on another day. With the perseverance to learn and great intentions, surely you can be adept at driving a car.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Advan notebook Soulmate M4-33 125 series, AMD-powered laptop cool

First, to play a nice game graphics, it takes a computer desktop with a powerful performance. But now, to capitalize a laptop you can play cool games, you name it such as Need for Speed, Call of Duty, Football Manager, or games like Red Alert and the latest version of Resident Evil.

It's not all laptops can be used to play games that are high graphics. In addition to having a good processor, the laptop must have a graphics card to support image display.

Just to cite an example, processors such as AMD (Advanced Microcontroller Devices) is familiar among fans of the game. One that they like about this processor is the ability to display visual images to play games, view and edit photos, and a sharp display with bright colors.

No wonder if some professionals, such as gamers, photo editing, and graphic designers prefer to use computers with AMD processors. How not, every product is embedded with AMD's ATI Radeon Graphic Card so the ability of AMD's graphics and multimedia products no doubt.

Looking at the ability of AMD processors are so stunning, certainly a lot of companies who want to work with these manufacturers. Luckily, there is one laptop manufacturer in Indonesia, Advan towed AMD notebook to work together to create a new product that is advan notebook Soulmate M4-33 125 series which was launched several months ago.

Notebooks that carry the AMD processor Atlhon 2 Danube N330, 2.3 GHz is equipped with ATI Radeon HD graphics 250, 256 Mb shared. It might be a pride for having been appointed Advan business partner of one of the best and biggest Microcontroller manufacturers in the world. For information, notebooks that use AMD processors comes in attractive colors ie, black and handsome, passionate red, silver charming that prices range from around 3 million rupiah.

Property business? Why not?

There are many ways to cultivate wealth through investment. One investment tool favored by many people in this day and age is an investment property. But the question is, how large and profitable investment in the property? Are the benefits greater than other forms of investment such as stocks?

History may provide a universal fact, property values ​​almost never goes down. Limitations and the narrowing of land to encourage the value of property assets continue to rise. Lands formerly worthless now because of the real estate business to make these lands have sky-high prices. Not surprising, the classical principle that is often used in estimating the value of property is the choice of location, location, and location.

Basically the property market is affected by the condition of the economy of a region / country, interest rates, and last is the inflation rate. The lower  level of interest rates and inflation, property investment more and ogled by the businessmen. Therefore, here are tips in the field of investment property:

Selection of a strategic location. That is a way of seeing the situation of the property to be invested seen from transport access. If it closer access to transport and activity centers such as offices, the trading value of investment property that you have the higher. And one more thing, if the property will be used as a source of income by way of lease, select the appropriate location to target consumers. In addition, the strategic location of course unaffected by the presence of a vulnerable area, be it a flood-prone, vulnerable to disease or prone to security. Because if the location where your property has the potential are prone to the value of your property will go down.

Warranty. Obviously this is a second factor for many people in choosing the property you want to use. Consumers will see if there is no guarantee the public infrastructure to support their daily activities. Infrastructure is infrastructure that must be owned by a property that is electricity, clean water, sanitary facilities, security and roads.

Legality of the product. Property that is used must comply with applicable law. in general this includes the completeness of business licensing and legal documents. So it can avoid future legal issues. Usually if a property has the characteristics of the above, then the property can be trusted and you can use as your investment. Hopefully get a better profit than before.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Check the health of the skin from dehydration

Hot sun and heat shock temperatures typical of tropical regions in Indonesia is making rapid body fluid was drained. Moreover, if the activity is mostly done outdoors, the supply of body fluids should also be continued.
In addition to consuming enough water to drink 2-3 liters a day, you need to pay attention to skin conditions. Skin is the first gate when subjected to dehydration or lack of body fluids. when you get dehydrated, the skin will appear dry, dull, slack, and stained dark. 

Therefore, when on the move a lot of challenging sunlight. You need to provide extra protection. Not only to deny the sun's ultraviolet rays are harmful to health, protection for the skin form of moisturizer is also useful to maintain skin moisture and elasticity. There are three kinds of skin moisturizers include body mist, body lotion and body butter. 

Body similar to the body spray mist to scent the body. The aroma is quite strong because it has little content of aromatherapy. In the body mist contained in a certain amount of oil that serves to bind water in the skin so that dehydration can be prevented. Levels of a light moisturizer to make appropriate body mist applied to the skin in normal conditions. 

Another body lotion body lotion. Body lotion contains good fats that can help accelerate the regeneration of skin cells. Humidity is higher than the body lotion body mist. Not surprisingly, body lotion suitable for normal to dry skin. Body lotion is also properly applied to those who have skin that is not too problematic, and rarely exposed to extreme temperatures such as cooling or sun room. 

Among the moisturizer, body lotion, body butter has the highest humidity levels. The texture is very thick body butter because it has a high fat content. Body butter is best suited to cope with problematic skin. For example, extra dry skin, rough and chapped. Area elbows, knees, heels, and other skin folds. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can use body butter on a regular basis. 

All three are very good moisturizer we use at the time of the shower because when the skin can absorb optimally moisturized.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Advancement of Science, Technology and current trends, the Wide Touch Screen

In today's modern times, electronic products has become a lifestyle many people. Products with high technology to give a contemporary trend. Someone with high-tech products with humans suggests it lived in a high civilization. However, the name remains the trend will continue to spin, as if the name suggests the trend is always there and eternal in every human life. If present, technologies such as mobile phones, initially we know whose name is synonymous with the size of phone is great but the longer it tends to get smaller but has such great benefits. And even, in the present along with the need for visual enjoyment, phone size instead tend to become enlarged but did not reduce its main function to pamper the consumer.

Basically, not everyone is inclined to choose a large-sized cell phone to use. However, this trend is seen in people who have a hobby of photography and video to mobile phones with screen width is more desirable. Perhaps that is one plausible reason is expressed well as a trend / today's lifestyles.

Especially with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Mobile phones have certainly evolved with the rapid promises a feature that is able to access sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many people have become one of the favorite medium for surfing in cyberspace. Opening the social networking sites like facebook and twitter is often done by some people through mobile phones. This is mainly done them a high mobilization of the hobby and interact with the virtual world.

Well, you probably include one of those people who always carry cell phones everywhere. Various new habit is formed because of this one thing. For example, if previously every waking in the morning, the first thing we did was go to look for breakfast then to the current ritual of looking for a breakfast that was passed by the ritual accessing social networking sites.

In order to find comfort in terms of accessing the internet, quite a lot of people are choosing phones with screen width. Besides the touch screen technology was increasingly becoming a prima donna. No wonder so many local and international mobile phone manufacturers are vying to issue cell phones widescreen with high technology. High technology is like touchscreen technology. But, did you know that touchscreen technology is divided into several kinds.

Resitive screen for example, this type of touch screen technology works by using fingers or any object that is pressed on the screen. However, one drawback of this type of screen is touch-sensitive screen risk. Usually we enter the phone with a touchscreen often we put in the bag so often depressed. Of course, the type with the risk that sensitive this makes the heart worried about your phone. However, do not worry because it can be overcome with a protective flip phone with a model for protecting the screen from pressures.

In addition there is also a type Capacitive screen. This technology works with the touch of a finger and should not be able to use other objects such as nails or a stylus. This is because the technology is working with the principle of electrical charge that is in the body.

Finally there is the type Multi touchscreen. As the name implies, this technology can be touched by more than one finger. Multi touchcreen is capable of being touched by the fingers of different people simultaneously. Thus providing a function to enlarge, shrink, change position or move the position of objects on the monitor.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take Care of Your Printer Health

A computer device as if not complete without a printer device. Now, a tool that we often encounter printer has experienced growth both in terms of sophistication, the model / view, ease and variety of features and some have been matched as copiers and scanners. Variety of these printers are so many kinds on the market. However, the quality as good as any printer would be useless if you can not take good care. As a result of it all often irreparable damage is not known by the owner, but the damage was only on the components easy to replace. However, because many people who care are neglected printer, the printer will be more easily damaged. To be durable printer and print quality is maintained, there are some things you should do.

First, use the printer regularly and do not leave ink in a long time because it will make printer ink liquid freezes or not as they are so difficult to use.

Second, turn the printer off when not in use because this step will prevent the closing of the holes flow of ink in the printer head.

Third, as a treatment, clean the impurities that exist in the printer at least once every 1-2 weeks depending on printer usage.

Fourth, when printing, use paper that is still smooth and not folded, because when folded will make the rollers on the printer becomes damaged.
Fifth, loyal to an ink product, do not use ink with a different brand every time because there are some ink that does not correspond to the filling.

Sixth, if it fails to print, turn the printer off and unplug the cord, let stand for a moment. Then Plug in and turn on the printer to print again.

Finally, use the diagnostic tools to figure out what exactly the problems found on your printer and then take it to the printer service that you know

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sit comfortably while working hard

Have you ever felt soreness around the waist and knees when working? if ever, maybe the problem was triggered by an incorrect sitting position. In fact, on the one hand, posture strongly influenced from the habit of positioning the body, such as standing, sleeping, or sitting.
Have you then estimate how much time is spent in a day in the seat when the task? Well when typing on a computer, design drawings, and read the report, often times you do not realize the time has gone so long. Things like this, plural done in everyday life.

Well, if the seating position is wrong is taken for granted, did not rule out the quality of your health will gradually decrease, primarily related to the function of bones and joints. Even so the performance was not optimal.

Therefore, try to follow some of these lightning. Undoubtedly, it can help you to find to find comfort while sitting for hours even once.

Sit upright with your back straight and shoulders back.

To make sure your spine, you can raise your body and make the arch back as far as possible in a few seconds. Only later, relax position to approximately 10 degrees.

If you have not been strong for a normal seat like that, start by wearing a back support such as pillows or bolsters to support your spine.

Do not also ignore the position of the feet and knees. Symmetric bend your knees to one another with a higher position of the hip. Then you should put both feet in a position parallel to the floor.

If you want to take the items behind or beside you, do not twist your back, but rotate around the body to reach it.

Every now and then make the body in a state of relaxation. Do not forget the eyes off the computer monitor in front of you. Do about three to five minutes, every half hour.

Do not forget to multiply the drink, although the work while still sitting in the room without realizing your body is dehydrated.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Between Subsidized apartment or house in the outskirts

A city with a title as the government center and business center, the city is promising a lot of things. What you want are all in cities that can be said to never sleep (24 Hours always live). Not surprisingly, many large cities like it much visited by others in hopes to earn a fortune with her fate hanging in the city.

Unfortunately, land prices in large cities are less friendly to middle-class workers whose earnings are relatively common. As a place to live, of course eventually many prefer to live in the suburbs of big cities. The reason is of course due to land on the outskirts of large cities is more affordable and less stifling in their daily needs.

Housing in the suburbs has become an idol for most employees who work in big cities. Clean air, land large enough at affordable prices, various facilities and developers, plus access and means of transportation to major cities is more complete with the bus, train. It does attract many people to live there, especially for those already working and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere.

However, it does not mean it is impossible to have a place in large cities with sufficient funds. A versatile as possible, especially with the presence of subsidized apartment from the local city government. Call it the Jakarta example, the city government has made a subsidized apartment.

Although the land is limited, at least you no longer need to think about the page because the apartment is also offered subsidized sports facilities and playgrounds. It is located too close to public transportation such as the Trans Jakarta busway, making it easier for you to reach the destination or the workplace in a matter of minutes. Even so close it could allow you to lunch or just to visit children at home, so the quality and intensity on a relationship with the child still nurtured well.

The house in the suburbs or subsidized apartments have the same positive things. You only need to adjust to the need for a place to live.

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