Friday, February 25, 2011

The trend to minimize pollution

Often heard that that is too high pollution levels may give negative effects on health. While driving a motor vehicle is more practical, fast and convenient. However, from it all at once you can also use alternative transportation. In addition to public transportation to climb, you also can walk or bike. With cycling, you can also more free of congestion. 

Walk away. According to research the University of Texas, United States, a walk for 30 minutes a day can decrease stress and depression. While the Temple University study states that walking for 90 minutes five times a week can make you feel happier. Because, by foot, the human body produces a hormone endorphin, a hormone that can make people happier. 

Besides donating a positive impact psychologically, by foot, the bones become strong, healthy weight control, and maintain the condition of the heart and lungs. According to a study at Duke University Medical Center, stated that walking for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is one cause of the high risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Seeing the benefits of walking activities, no wonder that health experts recommend walking over 10,000 steps each day to maintain fitness as well as beneficial to bone strength. 

Cycling. Another alternative to minimize pollution is by bicycle. Bicycle chosen because it is environmentally friendly transportation. Therefore, the bike does not produce harmful gases of pollutants that can contaminate the environment and easy to use everyday. Keep in mind, every 4 miles of cycling is equivalent to reducing pollution in the air 7 kg compared to driving a car. 

Just like walking, cycling also had a positive effect psychologically. The reason, cycling can reduce the level of depression, stress, improve mood, and increase self-motivation. Because, by bicycle, a person will more quickly observe the environment more closely. For health, cycling provides benefits calculated not small. Relieve back pain, improved knee connection, health care for heart and cardiovascular system, boost immunity, a number of benefits of cycling for health.

It is important before Going on a motorcycle

Motorbikes today not only as a tool around the complex, reaching the market, mini, or some other places around the house. Now, more motorcycles are used as long-distance transportation to reach the workplace. Could be, because the motor is considered as one of the transport capital that can save time and fuel. Moreover, traffic congestion is an increasingly frenzied. 

Given the far distance, there are some things to do before driving. It is important to avoid the possibility of strikes on the road or fatal accidents due to trivial things, such as fuel runs out or a flat tire. Before sitting on the seat of the motor, it's good if you make some important steps. First, turn on the machine. Before the key rotated to a position on, you should do first kick starter 3 times. This will help the lubrication system on the engine components because during the process of settling time, the oil will tend to settle in the crankcase. Only then did the usual-starter, either using a crank or by pressing the electric button. 

While warming up, check the state of petrol in the tank through the indicators contained in the motor compartment. Check also the other components. Make sure the gas does not stuck grip while playing. Likewise, the lever and clutch cable. 

Next, check the front and rear brake job which is very useful for safety. Do not forget to check tire pressure. Generally for daily use, the pressure on the front tire was made 19-20 psi and 22 psi for the rear tires. After that, also check the chain tension. Adjust the chain tension by using bolts regulator. Check also the horn and lights function, especially the brake lights so as not diseruduk by another vehicle while on the road. Lastly, make sure the Certificate of Number of vehicles and driver's license, motorcycle type stored in a wallet that you carry. By checking the completeness of this kind, driving would be much more comfortable.

The scope of social studies

Field of social studies has been a long time in a state of chaos, especially with regard to three things, namely, conflict in definition, overlapping functions, and obscurity in philosophical foundation.

In case definition of social studies has been given the limitation as social science, social services, socialism, radical left wing group thinking, social reformer, anti-historical, social object, a field of social sciences, integrated curriculum, curriculum innovator, and as an education reformer child . The element of truth indeed can we encounter in each concept earlier. There is no science teaching materials such fragmented. If other science can involve a combination of various disciplines without leading to the vagueness, not the case in social studies. 

Many efforts to achieve unity and consensus in the social studies. Individual organizations have jmengajukan various names, which are always subject to change. For example, once the term social education is proposed as a replacement term. On another occasion, even proposed the elimination of the term altogether. The problem is the core issue of social studies lies in the relationship, especially relationships among and between people. Perhaps the true meaning of this word would be biased fully understood after a brief review of the whole of this teaching plan. By doing, people will see that: 

- The objects closely associated with science
- Addition closely Mathematics
- Communication is closely related to english language
- Creativity is closely related to art
- Work closely with the position
- Location is closely related to Geography
- Leisure time is closely related to recreation, and finally
- Relationship closely related to social studies

Even so people will soon see that the relationship between fellow human beings that is specific and highly questionable if the term should be incorporated into social studies. Certain people may be attracted to the personal physician, psychologist or chaplain, but people do not form a primary goal of social studies until he entered into relations with other people.

Indonesia youthsays

Indonesia youthsays is one of the site for young people whose want to share their opinions about their social lifestyle. You know, in Indonesia we know the students college are really adopted the words of  "Agent of social change and Agent of control social". Every life aspect which their have to interact each other, they always have a chance to make a life changes.

Like in Jakarta, all young people on there make their own life and live with their way. In Jakarta, they make some campaign which called " say yes to exciting life in jakarta ". May be the first question from your mind is how we could live in a big city like in Jakarta? For all of you who never been go to Jakarta may be became the people who feel interested, and exactly who have gone to Jakarta. You will find the great experience for live on there.

Why I say like that? because Indonesia has so many culture that you never seen before. And if you interested to know about it, the first city that you have visit is Jakarta because it the capitol city of Indonesia.
Want to know more about Living in Jakarta? Ask what you want to know with this people at here and you will find more about lifestyle in Jakarta.

Mind Set of Student University

As we know, the movement of indonesian student college are supported by the people. Because any of social problem could be solve by the student college.

Student college have to became the people who could control the social aspect in human life. Because of that, is so many hope from people for student college to bring a good change to make the society have a better life than before.

In Indonesia we, as a students from any universities have a duty called " Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi" or in english we called three duty of university. Education, research, and community service are the three point of that duty. It means that, a student college have a final destination is to implement they background to the society.

But the big problem for student college today, they are not realize that they have an ability to change the world. Most of the student college never believe for themselves that the subject that they have studied is not for the society and themselves but only for themselves. They only believe that they study is for money, money and money.

my hope, I wished that all student college realize and recognize what exactly what could they do for the world.

Discussing in Coffee Shop, So Passionating

Who doesn`t know Coffee? a Black liquid which has a bitter taste and a little bit acid has been influence many people in whole world. Coffee usually became a friends when we enjoy our relax time or as a drinking for people who talk and discuss together with our friends or our business partners.

Well, long time ago, coffee bean was founded by the herdsman from Gallans in East Africa in thousand year before century. At that time, he saw his livestock was eating a small bean in bush.

Day after day, his Goat had been growing up and looks health and fresh, since that he were eat that bean and for the next thousands years until know we know that bean is Coffee beans.

This story even heard to anyone in whole world and finally the arabian trader hear the benefit of this bean and then he go to the Galla People in East Africa and brought some Coffee seeds to plant in his hometown. Since the Arabian trader bring the Coffee seed, the coffee also known as Qahwa for Arabian.

In 1475, the Kiva Han ( The first coffee shop in world) was building the the coffee shop in Konstantinopel. Because drink of coffee became a popular habit for people at that time, coffee became the most important thing when we talk each other. Even until now, when we go to the coffee shop any kind of social aspect could be discussed with any other perspective.

Drinking coffee never see how is your age, what exactly your job and what country you came from, but coffee like a united drinks. People who drink a coffee always like best friend each other.

The most craziest thing that we always do when we drinking a coffee with friends, we also forget the time. That might be became a simple certainty because while we drinking the coffee it`s look like we feel calm and so smooth when we smell the aroma and the liquid pass our lips.

It will make our talking became more interesting, and even any kind of problem that we discussed became easier to solve.

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