Sunday, May 29, 2011

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The relationship between Islamic philosophy with the science of kalam

As known to use a big mind in the discussion of religious matters in Islam are not only found in the field of Islamic philosophy, but also in the field of science kalam, tasawwuf, fiqh usul, and science. For that reason, in this case we will discuss the relationship between philosophy with science kalam.
Kalam in Arabic can be defined with words and sayings. In linguistic science, kalam is composed of words in a sentence that has meaning. While the science of religion, which is meant by kalam is the word of god. Then these words indicate a science of its own, called the science of kalam. Among the reasons advanced, is as follows: 

The most important issue is the talk of the early centuries hijrah is the word of God or word of the Koran as one of His nature, whether Kadim, not created, or the hadith (for new), was created? (Please be distinguished tradition says the opposite of Kadim, the Hadith: sayings, words, determination and character of Prophet Muhammad SAW) 

Foundations of the arguments of kalam is reason (ratio). The theology or mutakallimin define the subject matter with reasonable arguments put forward in advance, after completion of their new back on the argument naqal (Qur'an and Hadith). 

Way of proving the religious beliefs of science like logic and philosophy.
Thus, the science of kalam is one of Islamic science that arise from the discussion of the Islamic ummah in formulating the creed of Islam by using the arguments of reason and philosophy. This can be seen in many science books Kalam (science of monotheism) is always first put forward reasonable arguments (logic), then followed with the argument naqal (Qur'an and Hadith). 

Upon premises that, among the writers of Islam, like Ibn Khaldun in his Prolegomena, Al-Iji in Al-Mawaqif, Mushtafa Abdul Raziq in his book Al-philosophy Prolegomena chronicle al-islamiyyah and Renan in his book, Ibn Rushd wa al-kalam Rusydiyah incorporate science into the scope of Islamic philosophy. This is because they see that between these two Islamic disciplines have a very close relationship and the issues discussed between them already mixed so it is difficult to distinguish. 

Kalam Science as well as Islamic philosophy, influenced by Greek philosophy. However, the main source of their advantage is the religious texts. It can be seen especially in alliran Mu `tazillah and Al-Ash` ariyah. However, in reality the science of Kalam was born from the problem of Islam itself, while the solution is only affected from philosophy.
It is clear that the distinction between Islamic philosophy and science of kalam is located on the method and its object. In detail can be presented as follows: 

Science is essentially religious kalam different methods and objects of Islamic philosophy. Philosophy of intellectual method, then the religious texts serve as evidence to justify the reason. Meanwhile, the science of kalam is a method of argumentation, then used as a tool to justify the philosophy of religious texts. The object of philosophy is God, nature, and humans, while the science of kalam is the object of God and its properties and the relationship of God with nature and human life on earth in accordance with the Shari'a of Allah revealed to His servant in the holy books. Philosophy ford field without thinking associated with the existing opinions. While the science of Kalam take propositions contained in the creed of religious texts that no possible doubt as the existence of God, then look for arguments.
Philosophy is a foreign term (Greek), who entered the world of Islam (Arabic language). So, the philosophy of Islam is a product from outside Islam, while science is the science of Islamic kalam itself was born from discussions about the Qur'an, whether the hadith, for new, or Kadim? 

Beginnings of Islamic philosophy born in the late second century hijra early third century, there were already well-known philosophers as philosophers, such as Al-Kindi as the Arab philosophers. Similarly, in the science of kalam the characters are still called mutakallimin and not called philosophers. In addition, there has been sharp disagreement between the philosophers and the theologians like the case between the theologian Al-Ghazali Al-Ash `ari and Ibn Rushd.

BenQ Joybook Q41: "Window" a more complete

"LET `S THE BEST OF WHAT` S INSIDE, OUT ". As soon as the phrase used to describe BenQ their notebooks, the Joybook Q41. Depictions it did seem fitting with the ability to display information even though this notebook is closed. 

This is possible thanks to the presence SlideShow 2.5-inch screen located on the upper side of the Joybook Q41. This screen can display a variety of applications, displaying images in a slide-show, bahkanh hummed your favorite songs. All abilities that can be done even though the notebook is closed or dead; similar to the concept of two screens on mobile phones type clamshell. 

BenQ is not the first to include facilities SlideShow because Asus has done the same thing with products W5Fe. But according to BenQ, the Joybook Q41 is equipped with many supporting applications. For example Skype-based VoIP application that lets you call colleagues using the Internet. There are also applications RSS Feed Viewer that will show the latest news from around the world. For those of you who are busy, the screen SlideShow also lets you access your contacts, schedules, and even the presentation material. In essence, you are still connected to the digital world, although the notebook is closed or dead. 

Joybook Q41 itself is a notebook 14.1 inches and weighs 2.12 pounds without batteries. This notebook is equipped with BenQ's unique technology such as Ultra Vivid display technology, which promised to produce the brightness and sharpness of images is high. The processor used is Intel Core 2 Duo (varies by model) and graphic card SiS Mirage 3 +.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Copernican Revolution

In 1543 a Polish mathematician and astronomer by the name of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) published a treatise that proposed a radically new model for the structure of the universe. The earth was removed from the center of the universe and replaced by the sun. The planets, earth included, were pictured as traveling around the sun along perfectly circular orbits. The planetary orbits were all nearly coplanar with each other, and all the planets traveled around the sun in the same direction. The copernican model of the solar system said to be heliocentric, as it places the sun rather than the earth at the center of the universe. The moon, however, was still pictured as revolving about the earth, just as it did in the Ptolemaic model. The earth was assumed to rotate about an axis that pointed toward the north star, so that the entire celestial sphere appeared to complete one full turn every day. It was not the sky that was turning, it was the earth.

Mercury was placed closest to the sun, followed at increasing distances by Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The copernican model readily explains the variable brightness of the planets, since they maintain a fixed distance from the sun, not the earth. It also provides a convenient explanation of the fact that mercury and venus always appear near the sun in the sky. These two planets occupy orbits with smaller radii than Earth`s. The copernican model also provides as explanation of the retrograde motion of Mars, provided one assumes that mars travels more slowly along its orbit than the earth does. At the time that the earth catches up to mars in its orbit, the red planet appears to us to be momentarily traveling backward with respect to the stellar background, for the same reason that a slower moving car appears to the occupants of a faster car to be traveling backward with respect to a distant background at the instant of passing.

There were problems with the copernican model, and by no means did it meet with instant acceptance. There were significant departures from perfectly uniform circular motion (especially in the case of Mars), and later the theorists were forced to add epicycles to the motion in order to get a better fit. The most severe problem was caused by the moving earth. Not only was this offensive to the prevailing religions at the time, but it also did violence to the conventionally understood notions of mechanics that dated from the time of Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). It stood to reason that if the earth were really moving, an object dropped a height would fall far to the west of its release point rather than straight down. For these reasons, the copernican model of the universe was actively suppressed by both the catholic and protestant branches of the christian religion.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Thermal Characteristic of Chromium

Chromium is hard, lustrous silvery metal which can take a high polish. It is a transition element with atomic number 24 and atomic weight 51,996. It has body-centered cubic crystalline structure and it is anti-ferromagnetic below 311.5 K and para magnetic above this Neel temperature. Naturally, occurring chromium is composed of four stable isotopes and five radioactive isotopes are known to exist, which half-lives ranging from 3.5 minutes for Cr-55 to 27.8 days for Cr-51. The most abundant isotopes from chromium is Cr-52 which has a constitutes about 83.76%.

Chromium in nature cannot move free as an unsure, but it stable with a compound called chromite (FeO.Cr2O3), from which the metal can be obtained directly by reduction with aluminum. Chromium is widely used in alloys as a hardening and anti-corrosion agent. It is the critical ingredient in all stainless steels. In combined form it is also used as a coloring agent, since all of its compounds are highly colored. In addition, it has many uses as a chemical catalyst. The structural stability of its ore, chromite, under heating makes it a useful form material in refractory processing.

Thermal Conductivity. At low temperatures a series of measurements is reported by Harper et al. On chromium specimens of increasing purity, with residual resistance ratios from 47-217 range. Below about 20 K the intrinsic thermal resistivity does not correlate well with the static defect scattering parameter beta, and consequently interpolating at these temperatures is uncertain. At higher temperature up to about 50 K, however, it is dependence for the intrinsic thermal resistivity as expected.

At temperatures above 100 K, within 1 percent with an earlier set reported for the measurement on iodide chromium having 280 of Residual Resistance Ratios (RRR). At high temperatures the thermal conductivity is obtained as a product of thermal diffusivity, specific heat, and density with thermal diffusivity. These derived thermal conductivity values lie about 3-4 percent and at temperature 1500 K and up to 1650 K the values decrease rapidly, about 20 percent at 1650 K. This reduction is attributed to effects of vacancy formations.

The recommended values for thermal conductivity are given for well-annealed chromium of purity 99.99 percent or higher. At temperatures below 100 K however, they are applicable only to chromium with residual resistivity of 0.616 nano-ohm-meter as obtained from the Wiedemann-Franz law.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Physics in general as a natural science

Studying physics is an exciting and challenging adventure. Becoming a professional physicist even more exciting again. Among the activities of the human intellect that most energy is to study the world in which we live and try to open the veil of nature's secrets; It is precisely this which is the goal of physics.
Physics word comes from the Greek term which means natural and therefore real physics is a science devoted to studying all natural phenomena. Indeed, until the early nineteenth century, physics is defined in this broad meaning and is called nature. Yet during the nineteenth century until recently, restricted to the study of physics a more limited group of phenomena, characterized by physical symptoms and defined by name loosely as a process in which the nature of substances that participate does not change.
Definitions in general physics is a science whose objective study of matter component and mutual inter-action. By using this intermolecular understanding of scientists to explain the nature of the material in the body, as other natural phenomena we observe.
Physics was originally sourced on information obtained from the five senses therefore scientists classify the observed symptoms according to the manner of observation. Light associated with vision and optics, as science developed more or less do not rely on this behavior. The sound associated with hearing loss, acoustic evolved as the science associated with it. Heat associated with the other physical senses, and for years the study of heat is called thermodynamics is an autonomous branch of physics. There are many branches of physics that has developed among others, motion, particle, nucleus, medical, and so forth.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get a better mortgage refinance deal than your local bank offers

Gone are the days when money could be fetched either by mere mortgaging or financing something. Now it is time to get money via an amalgam of the two i.e. Mortgage Refinance. Mortgage refinance is a smart idea to have a good credit sum and repay it in an easy fashion. In simple terms a refinanced mortgage is one where a borrower repays a previous loan by taking a new one. The main motive behind refinance mortgage is to get a lower interest rate, lowering their payments or to take cash out of their home equity. So basically in mortgage refinance refers to taking a secured loan to replace the existing loan that is secured via some assets of yours.

Let us first delve into the factors that instigate a refinanced mortgage.
There are several reasons that instigate people to opt for refinance. For instance

(a)    Mortgage refinance reduces the interest rate on your mortgage. It not only minimizes your EMIs or monthly installments but also brings down the total amount that you need to repay.

(b)    Another wonderful feature of mortgage refinance is the reduction in the tenure of the loan, which is immensely effective in saving lot many bucks.

(c)    Mortgage refinance is a smart idea to consolidate or fuse the amount you need to repay.

(d)    Mortgages refinance serves you with the most essential thing i.e. cash in hand. You can draw on an equity built up in the house to acquire cash amount for several purposes such as your daughter’s marriage, child education etc.

(e)    If you want to have an adjustable-rate mortgage i.e. ARM and a fixed-rate loan in order to ensure you regarding the mortgage payment, mortgage refinance is a brilliant idea.

However there are other things to be taken into consideration. First and foremost mortgage refinancing can be recommended if the present rate on your mortgage is at least 2 percentage points higher than the existing market rate. Second you need to know that for how long you propose to stay in the house. Third you need to know that according to many sources given the costs of refinancing, it takes at least three years to realize completely the savings made from a relatively lower interest rate. Finally in order to go for mortgage refinance is to enlist complete expenditure of refinance and calculate your monthly installments. Knowing this will enable you to decide whether you should opt for refinance or not.

Well before going for a mortgage refinance you can also ask yourself questions ponder over questions such as- by how much will your existing monthly installment be lowered, what will be the financing cost that you will have to pay, how much will you owe in the house and for how much was the initial payment for the house made etc. Once after going through the various factors and conditions you feel it is appropriate to go for a mortgage refinance (which is true with most of the cases) then the first step is to consult a good real estate agent, mortgage lender as well as an attorney and other legal practitioners. Searching online is even an excellent option.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Enchantment Affairs of Thailand, the land of white elephant

Seeing an elephant painting an elephant, a charming shrine shining white, and photographed sleeping on the body poses a very large tiger. Three things you should just try as a family when traveling to Thailand, especially to the area of ​​Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. 

In accordance with state tourism slogan from Thailand, Amazing Thailand! This country does offer a million charm. No wonder so many people are enchanted many times to visit this country. Yes, clear it, besides having a stunning exoticism, tourism to this country is quite cheap. Here are some tourist attractions in Thailand that deserve your visit with family.
Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai itself is the second largest city in Thailand which is about 1 hour by plane from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This area became a tourist destination because it is known to have an amazing cultural heritage sites, such as the temple that holds the relics of the Buddha of Wat Doi Suthep Phrathat. 

In addition, various crafts enthusiasts can visit the San Kamphaeng Handicraft Village. Here, you can visit the center of silver handicrafts, honey, and umbrellas. In place of the latter, you can request direct cool pictures painted on pants, bags, jackets, or phone. 

At night do not forget to visit the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is open from 6 pm until 1 am every night. Various kinds of socks, ornaments, food, to the massage can be found here. The price, fairly cheap, the market price of negotiable up to 20-50 per cent.

Elephant Painter. You know the show Ripley's Believe it or not. Elephants at Maesa Elephant Camp successfully won the award for success as a painter. Various paintings, such as scenery, flowers, elephants until the image itself, they succeeded in painting. 

Do not believe? please just come to this place to see first hand how an elephant painting, bathing, playing soccer, dancing, dancing funny. Moving on from the elephant, if you have enough guts, please visit the Tiger Kingdom. Remarkably, here you can take pictures with poses caressing, kissing, hugging, to sleep with a very large tiger.
Chiang Rai. Once you are satisfied to play with animals, it's time you come to Chiang Rai. To achieve this one area, you will pass turns the beautiful mountains. Along the way, do not forget to stop in Wiang Pa Pao Hot Springs. In addition to buying souvenirs, here you can see the natural hot water and children who boil quail eggs. 

Then, prepare yourself for the temple was struck by the incredible which is cool, Wat Ron Khun. You may continue to chuckle amazed to see the white temple that shines when exposed to sunlight. This is thanks to the genius of the architect, Chalermchai Kositpipat, which makes three colors for the white temple to the main temple, which reflect the teachings of Buddha, gold for public places such as toilets that reflects the interests of the people, and red for things that he did not like, such as smoking and beer.
In addition, some places worth visiting in this area is a shopping paradise (Chiang Rai Night Market), home and garden beautiful king's mother (Doi Tung and Mae Fah Luang Botanical Garden), Thai-Myanmar border (Mae Sai), Golden Triangle, and of course the Hall of Opium (Opium Museum). If you are interested, come on, take the tour with a big family that is instructive and inspiring to visit the attractions that have historical value and high culture in Thailand.

Robotics Development in Indonesia

Robotics research in Indonesia, most are still about programming and rarely touches to the mastery of technology hardware. Funding an obstacle to the researchers. The cost to design and create the hardware, very expensive. In robotics research have not reached the mastery in depth like that but only during the regular design.
For 13 years the Ministry of National Education to encourage the development of the role of robotics in Indonesia. Each year, there is a robotics competition between schools or students that encourages young people to pursue. Lecturer at the University of Indonesia, this explains, the quality of children and students in the field of robotics plume.
Generally the participants race to buy a robot that imported components and assemble their own robots to fill the program. This also happens on campus. Most research is still around and detection algorithms. Technology such as mastery of sensors, electronics, and design has not be explored due to the expensive cost.

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