Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teeth and mouth, let's watch and clean, and give your beautiful smile

There is a term for young people in Indonesia on a toothache, especially among students either new entrants or the nearly finished college. "If asked to choose, it is better broken heart than a toothache", yes that's how it feels if we are exposed to dental pain, whether it be in the gums, cavities or other. Toothache for a while but it was very painful, of course, unlike the case with other illnesses. Aside from feeling pain around the teeth, head, eye pain, too, alluded to this one. The pain on teeth and in the head feel dizziness, and even your eyes could be darker when you; feel hot and cold on your body which resemble a fever. Therefore, let us keep our teeth clean and healthy.

Dental is one of the adjacent organ of the human body directly, and almost every time visited by bacteria that come from the food we chew or comes from objects that have direct contact to the mouth. Such as toothbrushes, cups, spoons, and so forth. It is not surprising that many dentists recommend that we visit always keep cleaning things we put in our mouths.
A result of it all, then my article today will discuss how the importance of maintaining teeth health and hygiene.

Dental hygiene is not maintained in a state will invite a wide range of diseases, one of which is bleeding gums, tooth decay and will even cause cancer in the palate. Therefore, here are some tips for you all in maintaining hygiene and teeth health:
For those of you who have activity every day, remind yourself to brush your teeth at least twice a day, that is, after breakfast and before bed at night. Its function is when the morning we always get brushing your teeth first and eat, but it is not effective because it is better to brush your teeth after eating. While at night, when the mouth is closed will not get oxygen, so that at night the bacteria can multiply quickly.

You should brush your teeth immediately after eating foods that are sweet and sticky. Sweet food scraps that are not immediately cleared be a major reason of cavities. And if you drink coffee, tea or soft drinks intended to use it in the teeth do not drink directly because of the drink can make a strong damage to the teeth. Stop smoking as well because in addition to the yellow colored teeth, smoking also can cause gum disease and oral cancer.
Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Do not brush your teeth with coarse teeth and gums because it is a sensitive matter. When brushing with hard will cause erosion of the email (protective layer) of the teeth. And do not forget to brush your teeth properly. Brush your teeth with the up and down or from the gums towards the teeth.

Brush teeth that you use should not be placed haphazardly in the bathroom, new research suggests the condition of the toothbrush in the bathroom contains a lot of bacteria, so use protection toothbrush toothbrush when not in use and replace your toothbrush when it is worn for 4-5 months.
Do not forget to clean your tongue when brushing your teeth. Surface of the tongue into place bacterial growth, therefore, should be cleaned to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.
Water is the liquid that is very useful for mouth and teeth because it is able to clean teeth, vegetables and fruits are also capable of such as strawberries, apples, carrots and celery. Use strawberries because strawberries can whiten teeth. The trick with strawberry crush it and stick to the teeth with a finger. Let stand until 2 minutes later with a clean toothbrush thoroughly.

For mothers who are pregnant, you should throw up every time out to brush my teeth or rinse his mouth as much as possible. Because vomit is accompanied by stomach acid can damage tooth enamel and over time will decay.

Perform routine checks to the dentist so your teeth can be well maintained. If there are holes in the teeth should be patched. And if there is tartar, you should take care dental health in accordance with the procedure. And use the dental floss to clean between the teeth, not too often use a toothpick.

Dental health is not just to see how healthy your teeth and mouth. Besides the goal of health, dental and mouth also increase our confidence around. Because the teeth and mouth affects a person's smile and a person's smile is very desirable by many people. So first article in the teeth for this time. Hopefully with these tips we have a good and healthy teeth. Come on ..... let`s Brush our Teeth!

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