Sunday, April 22, 2012

Several factors influence why we have to do business online

build an online store requires some preparation with respect to some things related in it. Some of which must be prepared to make an online web store should have several advantages over non-online stores. There is basically no difference so far between the non-online stores to shop online, only online store offering a direct sales, is by offering a product or service directly through the business website that has been available. Besides that, certainly in terms of physical form, an online store only requires a website to display all the photos and a description of its products, does not require the building. However, why should an online store? advantage factor is the strongest reason to set up an online store. Some of the advantages of online stores, among others:

  • You can do the selling around the world.
  • You do not need a physical building, designing a showroom, or rent a building store / shop complex at a cost that is very expensive.
  • You do not have to hire employees, shopkeepers, or find a means of transport to promote your product.
  • Your online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; no days off.
  • Form of payment can be set in accordance with the requirements as bank transfer, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and others, as well as the applicable currency (dollars, dinars, dollar, euro, etc.).
  • Order / purchase via the online store can reach the entire world. Even so, you can still limit the purchaser only to certain cities, and the Islands / countries, in line with your targets.
  • Payment system is safe, use the security system is encrypted (scrambled).
  • Delivery modes can be set in accordance with the conditions that exist in your premises, eg by mail, Fedex, DHL, and others. Keep in mind that many businesses online stores that attract the attention of prospective buyers from the ease and speed the delivery of goods to consumers, and some even provide free shipping and warranty damage.
  • Form view your online store very easily understood by the buyer so the buyer will increase traffic to automatically increase your revenue.

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