Monday, April 30, 2012

Invasion by android technology, small, green and high tech

In 2012 it is an invasion of communication and information technologies increasingly widespread, in addition to using the modern communication system, appeared an innovation on communication by coupling system "Android Robot" into the data communications. This innovation has the characteristics and Trademark Obviously, this characteristic is only owned this robot, which is small and has a green color (but not a robot of chameleon). In fact, this robot make an invasion into the human world is not just for the invasion only, therefore be careful since this robot managed to drugged a lot of people do not want to turn to other places besides the green robot.

Android is a communication system used in an electronic device, which has advantages in the ability of the operating system, so that a quick update existing software in the electronic devices through the addition of bug fixes and new features. The form of mobile electronic devices that are being circulated at the present time, and until now, had a lot of people are turning to mobile phones based on Android system.

Android was originally a small company that has a data base in Palo Alto, California, United States. Because it has a great future, a company called Android Inc. was later purchased by Google as a giant company 7 years ago, precisely in 2005. At first, the android system the same as computer operating systems that developing from year to year. Like most computer operating systems have different versions (name it windows that originated from MS-DOS, Windows 90 and Millennium, XP, Vista, 7 and the latest windows 8) neither does the Android. Android has a variety of versions with integrated features in it such as:
First version. Android released the first version is called the Android version 1.1. equipped with an update on the application, alarm clock, voice search, sending messages through google mail, and e-mail notifications.

Second versions. The second version of Android is better known as Cupcake Android version 1.5. with the features of the ability to record and watch videos with a camera, upload to Youtube video, and pictures to Picasa directly via mobile phones. There's also Bluetooth A2DP support, can automatically connect to a Bluetooth headset, animated screen, keyboard and screen that can be adapted to the system.
Third version. Android Doughnut version 1.6. his name. Equipped with the latest features in this android is a camera, camcorder, which is integrated gallery and allows you to delete the photos in the gallery.

Fourth version. Named by Android Eclair version 2.1. with the operating system is much better since an increase in its outlook. In addition, Android Eclair an increase in e-mail account so that we can have multiple e-mail accounts at once. There are also changes in the Bluetooth connection to version 2.1. and features a live wallpaper is wallpaper that can be moved using animation so that seem more real.
Fifth version. Android  Froyo which stands for Frozen Yogurt version 2.2. Android Froyo versions have performance, memory, and higher speeds. And a unique, Android Froyo has the function of "tethering", which makes android gadget can be used wi-fi router.
Sixth version. Android Gingerbread version 2.3. it`s nickname that has the technology to the smartphone-based processor and has a larger screen. This version also provides a feature to copy / paste and a new download manager for easy set up file. There are also features of NFC or Near Field Communication which allows you to pay for the goods, get information and even book your ticket directly at the places that have NFC tag. 

Seventh version. With the nickname Android Honeycomb 3.1. designed specifically for tablet type computers. Android version supports larger screen sizes. Honeycomb Android also supports multiple processors and hardware acceleration for graphics.

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