Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Several things that we must understand in management of an industry in the production of goods

Basically, all the activities to be implemented must have a strategy and tactics, or in other languages ​​is called planning. All of this relates to the production. Production processes are running smoothly and well is a matter that is expected by the company. To realize the production process to keep it running properly, it requires a management that can manage the entire production activities.
Management is the key to the successful achievement of objectives of an organization. Organization will not be able to answer any challenges that arise as a result of technological change, organizational change, and environmental aspects of industrial activity in the absence of an effective management.

According to Manullang (1996), management is an art and science of planning, organizing, preparing, directing, and monitoring of resources to achieve its intended purpose. Production is an activity to increase or create a benefit that consists of the addition of benefits form, time benefits, and benefits of a place or a combination in between. Therefore, production management can be defined as a management process that is applied in the production or activity within an enterprise.
Management role is to combine the factors of production such that it can produce products and services more effectively through the management process consisting of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling (Sumarni and Soeprihanto, 2000). Management functions according to Ahyari (1999), consists of:

Planning is a decision taken now to be done in the future. The emphasis of the plan is the decision-making, where decisions will be implemented during the period of implementation.

Organizing is the process of creating relationships between the components of the organization with the aim that all activities are directed at achieving organizational goals. The organization of co-operation which includes how well the corporate environment that affect labor productivity. Describes the organization of the line of authority from each of the elements involved in the production of which is described in the organizational structure.
Production of components which should be directed in the organization include the work to be done, who should carry out such work, and tools to be used to run the job. All three components must be coordinated properly in order to achieve production goals.
Directing is the management functions related to the business of giving guidance, advice, orders or instructions to subordinates in carrying out their respective tasks, so goals can be executed well and truly fixed on the intended purpose. This briefing is intended to secure the opinions and aspirations of individual staff and employees to achieve corporate goals.

Coordination is a management function in the form of preparation of personnel in an organization since the recruitment, development to the business so that each employee can give power to maximum power to the company. This function is also a management process that involves cooperation in carrying out the task of inter-or cross-section of each party as well. This process takes the role of mutual communication between superiors and subordinates, and vice versa.
Supervision or control is a systematic process for evaluating whether the organization's activities have been carried out in accordance with a predetermined plan or not. If not implemented, then made ​​a diagnosis of the causes for further corrective action is taken.

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