Sunday, December 30, 2012

Defenition and Understanding About Political Term

Arthasastra. Books written by Kautilya, the prime minister of Chandragupta Maurya empire in around 321-300 BC. In this book, especially in the book I chapter XIII, Kautilya elucidate the idea masyarakata agreement to meet general corporate purposes. State and government are established in other to meet the necessities of mankind. In this book Kautilya also spread his theory of big fish swallowing a small fish known as the Law of fish.
Articulation interests. Is to unite, reconcile, accommodate a variety of interests, which obviously live in the community.
ASA or the Association of Southeast Asia. Founded on 31 July 1961 in the city of Bangkok, aims to hold economic, social and cultural. Consisting of Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines. The organization virtually frozen when Malaya was transformed into Malaysia since September 1963. According to committee member De La Rosa Philippines ASA cooperation plan from the Standing Committee hearing in March 1966 ASA unsuccessful run due to problems with capital.
Principle of National Development. It is the principle which gives character and style to the national development of Indonesia. In accordance with MPR Decree. IV / 1978 on Broad Outlines of State Policy Guidelines (Guidelines)
Ascribed Status. That one's position in society regardless of spiritual differences and abilities. This position was obtained by birth, such as the son of a nobleman would automatically have accrued royalty, as well as against the Brahmin caste in India has by itself will gain an equal footing because their parents belong to the caste question.

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