Sunday, October 13, 2013

What is a print server?

Print Server. Definition of the print server must be defined as a computer that has many printers that are connected to him and can be accessed by other computers. In this definition, the computer running special software that makes the printers can be shared by the entire network. The client computer sends a command to 've printed the print server. Managing the print server on these commands  usually on the local hard disk , and then send them to the printers with orderly.

Model for this kind of print server until now included the usual  but in 1991, Intel introduced a small module of a VHS video cassette that contains all the necessary processing power to act as a print server. In 1991, companies such as Digital Equipment Corp. and Hewlett - Packard Co. introduced by the printer as a print server capabilities internally. So now you can share a network printer to all LAN without having to have a separate computer that acts as a print server. Print server is often too literally interpreted as the printer itself rather than dealing with a computer printer.

It is useful to be able to send print commands to the print server on the LAN that far away. It is easy to send an electronic message rather than sending a stack of paper, and the printer remotely located can play a role as well as the sender of the message as a fax machine, but with high quality output. Including remote printing is one good reason to make the relationship LAN to LAN.

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