Monday, October 14, 2013

The beautiful of Europe

Europe as the world's second smallest continent after continent of Australia storing a myriad of uniqueness that makes people stunned. Climate, natural beauty, historical heritage, and culture make people tempted to come to him.

Not surprisingly, people who never set foot in Europe want to come back to spend the holiday in the European continent.

The Netherlands is one country that is worth a visit. Tourists can visit to Amsterdam to enjoy the historic buildings with architect charming, including the royal palace, known as the Royal Palace.

Biggest city which doubles as the capital of this country also has an area called the Dam Square. The place is crowded enough as it is used as a means of gathering local community. Fresh air and scenery dove into allure for tourists .

Besides Amsterdam, Volendam, known as a fishing village is also interesting. Society and culture that are quite unique in this village. Traditional clothing worn local community is able to make the tourists stunned and wanted to record it.

Enjoy the beauty of the canals that exist in the country. Slip into a cruise down to the canal to see the tunnel, classical building, until the trees .

Speaking tour in Europe, the French also keep a myriad of tourist attractions which is no less stunning. Among other monuments of pride of Paris, Arc de Triomphe, which was completed in the wake in 1863.

Also visit the Notre Dame cathedral gothic architecture has art. The old church as well as a witness Napoleon became emperor. Do not forget you foot step towards the Eiffel Tower , the iron tower which has a phenomenal 324 meters altitude .

Besides these two countries, Belgium and Germany worth visiting. Belgium has a number of tourist sites, including a statue of Brussels Manneken Pis and majestic buildings interesting. Meanwhile, Germany has Berlin, Hamburg, Frakfurt, which stores the history and cultural heritage.

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