Thursday, May 23, 2013

Selecting and caring for window film on cars

Scorching sun often unpleasant for those of you who drive by car. Rays penetrate car glass making hot air and eye glare. For convenience, you can install the window film on your car. However, many brands of window film window film make the determination of choice is not always easy.

With the diversity of film, the main factor to consider is safety, not just appearance. The darkness of the windshield also should not be exaggerated. Government only allows a maximum of 40 percent tingkan darkness. If the glass is too dark and the quality is not good, the driver can view bothered when it rains at night.

Although it does not require special care, there are several things you can do to maintain the appearance and durability of the film. When you clean the car, do not let the cleaning fluids dripping or splashing on glass fiml. These materials can damage the film feared.

If you want to clean the window film, wash it with clean water using a soft cloth, do not rub too hard. This is done so that dust and dirt do not scratch the glass grainy film. Scratches can also arise from the dust and dirt found on the window rubber. Therefore, clean the rubber window with a soft cloth that has been dampened. On the inside, you can clean it gently with a small brush.

Avoid conflicts of window film from sharp objects that are not scratched or linger parked in the sun is the simplest action that can be done. high temperature sunlight feared making film expands, causing the bubble, then peel, especially if the installation is not perfect.

Also noteworthy, age 5-7 years maximum film, depending on the quality of the product. If it is past, its ability to stem, sun, ultraviolet light, and infrared is not effective. You also have to replace it with a new one.

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