Monday, May 6, 2013

Astronomy in Babylonia

More than 4000 years ago Astronomy have known people in the kingdom of Babylon, though still very modest. Them when it has had a dating or calendar or almanac. One year divided them into 360 days or 12 months. Once the six months to 13 years there used to correct the shortcomings of the 12 months. They also have to share the day with the day and night hours, minutes and seconds.

Of the Babylonian empire is coming early astrology, predicting the fate of mankind in the future based on the date of birth of the person. According to those properties and one's fate depends on the date of his birth.
The results of the predictions did not correspond to reality. Even if sometimes appropriate, just coincidence. Anyway predicted way incompatible with the common sense or not in accordance with the logic. Therefore, astrology is not a science or science shadows are correct. The shadow science known as pseudo-science.

Looks like science but actually not. He split the fate of human fortune in only 12 kinds of course, are not infinitely true. Acknowledged the influence of climate on the formation of a person's character, but it is not true that the climate determines one's fate. Is very unlikely the same fate or character of a person is born with a different place, a different continent, although the same date and month of his birth.

Although most people do not believe what is predicted by the astrologers who often appeared in the room your fate this week in the newspaper or a magazine, but a lot of teenagers who to believe. Even if the forecasts occasionally correspond to reality, but it was just by chance alone. Thus we know that the origin is of Babylonian astrology, which later developed into other areas, especially to Greece.

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