Sunday, May 5, 2013

Link Unit, one of the most desirable insurance services

Insurance actually is a way to anticipate the problems associated with life in the future. Many are not too concerned, but in fact everyone needs a financial product is because we will never know what will happen tomorrow.

As the needs of people who not only need protection, life insurance offers an insurance product with investment benefits, the unit-linked insurance. You could say this product is now becoming popular because customers can get rewarded fairly lucrative results.

Unit-linked life insurance is an insurance product that combines the benefits of protection and the benefits of such investment funds. Any premium paid will be allocated in part to the cost of insurance, and the rest invested to fund desired investments.

Although it just began to use the unit-linked products, not many people know that this product also has risks. Many thought that this product risk-free. Whereas in the investment, all products there is no risk-free.
When viewed by the placement of investment funds, unit link is divided into four kinds, namely unit-linked money market, fixed income, mixed income, stocks and sharia. It is divided as adapted to the nature or pattern of customer investments. Not much different from mutual funds.

Link units can also be seen by an investment destination, where the destination is not a separate product, but the company's insurance program in order to match the needs of the customer. Call it the goal for children's education, retirement or other things.

While, when seen by the premium payments, and fund placement investment objectives, link units can also be distinguished by type of deposit premium, ie single and periodic. On unit-linked single premium, the customer must pay a single premium in advance, then the customer will be free premiums. Single scheme is more suitable for people who are financially stable because most of the value of any premiums among other types of insurance.

While the periodic system, the customer is obliged to pay premiums gradually, can each month, quarter, or year until a certain time. Link unit is suitable for customers who want to protect and investment as well.

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