Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Treat your skin to look beautiful all day

Having clean skin is the desire of every human being luminous, especially women. No doubt many women are willing to set aside money to pay a visit to the treatment center skin so skin looks radiant and youthful.Skin care treatments performed at the center certainly is not cheap because it must be done continuously in order to get maximum results. However, healthy and glowing skin not only be achieved with skin treatments visited the center. With that in some cases, will remain healthy skin intact.

Begin by considering the activity of skin care that is often done. Routines are performed outside the room, for example, ought to receive more attention because ultraviolet rays is very influential for skin health. Therefore, you are often out of the office should be able to use sunscreen on the face and other body parts such as hands and neck. When the body sweats, repeat use every two hours for properties not fade with sweat. In addition to using sunscreen, foundation containing UV Protection most helpful because it can help avoid dark colored spots.

Air pollution and dirt that accompany outdoor activities also affect skin health and hygiene. Therefore, it would be nice if you diligently clean the skin, especially facial skin, which is prone to dirt. Use a facial cleanser suitable for your skin, whether it be soap, face tonic, as well as cleansing milk. Avoid using cleaners that are not suitable for the skin because it can cause the skin to become dry, it can even lead to other risks.

Do not forget to use a skin moisturizer every morning and night before bed. In order not easily dry skin, after bathing can use body lotion to keep the skin moist. Complete with thinning skin also useful for removing excess horn cells on the skin surface, and cleaning dirt and grease that clog pores. Peeling cream can also be used to remove impurities and dead skin cells on the face. Thus, the skin will be replaced by new skin.Intake into the body also affects the skin condition. Diligent eat vegetables and brightly colored fruit because the fruit has skin pigment flavonoids can act as antioxidants and neutralize free radicals. Do not forget to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to keep the body hydrated.

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