Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Beautiful of Maimun Palace in Medan

In addition to not drain the pockets too deep, enjoying the tourist attractions in a number of places in Indonesia also Useful to increase knowledge about the past of the area. Sumatra Island, for example. On the island is a lot of old buildings that have a history of past civilizations. One of the buildings is quite famous is Maimun Palace located in the city of Medan, North Sumatra.

The thing that makes this interesting castles include art elements contained in it. Elements of art which originated from several countries to fill nearly every side of the building that occupies a wide area of ​​the palace. The combination of middle eastern culture, europe, india, and wither create amazing creations.This historic building has three parts: the main building, the building on the right wing and left wing. This building looked strong because it is supported by 82 stone pillars and 43 wooden poles with an upturned boat hull-shaped arches and horseshoe horse. The roof of the main building in the form of pyramid, as well as the right and left sides. The roof at the front of the form of three domes with each distance is not too far away.

Keel-shaped arches boat capsized in Islamic art known as the Persian arch widely used in Turkey, India, and Europe. On the roof of the dome there is a crescent ornaments that are characteristic of Islamic art in the Middle East and other parts of India Maimun Palace.

On the top floor, looking right and left side there is an area that is used as a living room. When examined, the building has three design elements such as the mosques, the palaces of the Middle East and India in the past. Shades of culture presented in the Palace Maimun so amazing.

In the room is used as a royal ceremonial hall and the place looks a colorful throne. Rectangular shape with a dome roof, which is equipped with lights singgasan crystals that are characteristic of the houses in Europe. In addition, the walls of the room filled with ornate floral and geometric touch using oil paints. Memorable photographs bearing the image of imperial Deli in the past helped to meet the majestic walls in the palace. If you are more carefully, there are scratches art motif on the rectangular and octagonal on the court.

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