Sunday, February 10, 2013

The beautiful of "Rumah Gadang" West Sumatera

Do you know the Minangkabau traditional house? yes, the Rumah Gadang just which is the traditional home for the house minang is inspired from the original building in a province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. West Sumatra, which is the origin of the house. Provincial capital in Padang has traditional architecture inspired Palace near the city Pagaruyung Batusangkar. Pagaruyung palace is a majestic building located in the Nagari Pagaruyung, Golden Horn district, about 5 kilometers from the city Batusangkar. If you are in the center of Padang, the time it takes to get to the city Batusangkar about 3 hours drive. Pagaruyung palace itself is easy to find because this building is clearly visible and stand out from a distance.
 Pagaruyung palace is one of the icons of West Sumatra in addition to the Jam Gadang located in the city of Bukittinggi. Today, the palace is a replica Pagaruyung. For the original, King's Palace Nature Pagaruyung actually been burned by the Dutch in the Dutch colonial period in 1804. A new palace was built in 1976 on the grounds of the royal family heritage. Reconstruction replica palace was conceived by Aaron Zain who is the Governor of West Sumatra at that time. And in 2007 renovated due to a fire caused by a lightning strike on the horn palace. 

Historically, this title is the name of a palace Pagaruyung royal capital in Nagari Pagaruyung. The kingdom was founded by descendants of the kings of Majapahit in 1347 named Adityawarman. In the beginning, the kingdom is a kingdom of Hindu-Buddha, and in the spread of Islam in Indonesia, the Kingdom Pagaruyung officially changed to the Islamic Sultanate Pagaruyung. 

Because the size is very large, the Palace Pagaruyung also called Rumah Gadang. On the one hand, with its large size, this house also has its own uniqueness compared to other traditional houses. The roof of the Palace Tower House Pagaruyung or roof is shaped like buffalo horns are curved and tapered getting to the end. Pagaruyung palace building is known to have a tremendous respect for the magnificent architecture and cultural values ​​typical Minangkabau society. 

With a height of nearly 60 meters and consists of 11 gonjong, 72 milestones and there are 3 floors, this palace must have a strong pillar when milestones are arranged oblique but the building still making a unique Pagaruyung Palace. The inner and outer sukiran decorated with different colors and shapes. In the middle, you can see the variety of items in it. Call it like ceramics and crafts Sultanate Pagaruyung minangkabau. Arts and Culture in it also makes us as if living at that time especially with fitted surau, rangkiang broken sideline (where the crop), and home tabuah (a place to call residents) located on the front of the Palace Pagaruyung. This Pagaruyung palace panoramic mountain background even called the Bongsu Mountain exquisite palaces Pagaruyung making more interesting to look at

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