Sunday, February 17, 2013

The New Continental GT Speed ​​W 12, A sporty luxurious car

In addition to its luxurious, sporty curves in any exterior and interior design, W New Continental GT Speed ​​12 also can be used as a vehicle for us everyday. When you see her car New Continental GT Speed ​​W 12's, your heart will be instantly hooked. Starting from the aerodynamic shape of the car, the curve of the body, Reams and tires, grill, headlights, exhaust at the rear of the car that he totaled two areas left and right. Rear lights are a bit flashy but it gives an elegant impression.

Seeing the cabin, New Continental GT Speed ​​showed his class as top car. All parts are original leather dashboard. Similarly, the gas pedal and brake holes, automatic gear lever with a unique motif.
For this engine, New Continental has a good record in a straight line along the 100 meters. In the 4.2 seconds it takes to try the straight track. That is because New Continental GT Speed ​​W 12 is equipped with a 6.0 liter engine configured, 12-cylinder engine in a W configuration (W12) and totaling 48 valves, four camshafts camshaft and two turbochargers / smooth engine, but capable of producing maximum power up to 625 PK torque 6000 rpm.

This is supported by automatic gear shift quality owned New Continental GT Speed ​​W 12. Gears is designed to automatically transfer type 8 levels of speed ZF 8HP90 A: 951. When playing the torque is expected to be achieved, so the gears will move gently though only had a slight tug. And the advantage is when approaching high speeds, buffeting caused the gear shift will not be felt because the gears have a ratio of 1 to 1.

New Continental GT Speed ​​W 12 is very fitting to those who love cars that have the impression of elegance and sportsmanship, but still wanted to enjoy the daily activities both at work and home with family. When driving in big cities have special times to enjoy the power of the New Continental GT Speed ​​W 12.

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