Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ultra Short Focal Projector NEC, solution presentations in small rooms

The presentation was not confined to the office. Today, the world of education became more familiar with the activities of this one. The problem, to make a presentation, it takes a large room so that the projector can project images with an ideal distance. While the average classroom sizes are small. 

Similar problems were often encountered in a small office space. Finally, many companies are forced to use only a large room for meetings. The problem, when a large meeting room was full of small meeting rooms, had to be used even if can not use the projector. 

Spacious room is often a problem when using a projector. However, the problem is now resolved with the presence of the latest generation of Ultra Short Focal Projector NEC. By announcing the latest generation of Ultra-Short Projectors are available in four types U300X, U250X, U310W, and U260W this can indeed be a solution presentations in small rooms. 

Eliminating shadows and glare that normally found with standard projection systems, can be achieved by mounting the projector to the wall above the screen. This makes the Ultra Short Focal projector ideal for education environments using standard or interactive whiteboard. With a very short projection distance, the reflection method, and the distance is unbelievably close to the cabinet, making use of this model is very efficient room. 

In fact, this projector can be used up to the smallest distance of about 47.5 centimeters to produce the display by 63 inches. As a comparison, conventional projectors usually takes a distance of about 1.2 meters to produce a display of about 60 inches. All that can happen thanks to the Mirror Aspheric Technology, the technology that reflects the light through the glass. 

For information, the projector can be used on a table, sideboard, or mobile trolley has a 3D-readyU series created by Link and DLP DLP technology from Texas Instruments. It is as future-proof next-generation projectors. 

For corporate customers who do not have the space needed for a standard projector, this projector offers an attractive alternative. They offer XGA and WXGA resolution, respectively, and up to 3100 ANSI lumens brightness. Their connectivity including dual HDMI inputs and a computer, and variable audio out to connect the projector to external speakers and volume control via remote control the projector. 

The question is, with such a close distance, what about the quality of the resulting appearance? NEC Projectors NEC Display Solution manufactured by Japan which is one of the leading companies in the world's projector market. 

NEC Display images through the projector will be very bright because it has a brightness level of the calculation of light projected onto the screen quite large with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. 

Another plus, this projector has a much more concise models and futuristic than with previous generations. For use in the classroom, NEC projectors can help the learning process more exciting and enjoyable place. 

Pupils would prefer to learn through visualization, compared to only learn by listening to the teaching method. Therefore, the use of the projector probably has become an absolute necessity in every classroom. Moreover, if the projector is already 3D-Ready technology like that of NEC projectors of this type. 

Besides suitable for use in small offices and classrooms, these projectors are also suitable for displaying video or advertising of products that are fired into the glass counter.

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