Sunday, August 7, 2011

Caring for electrical installations in the home

In cities with a population of densely often we hear the news fire accident that occurred in the settlements due to short-circuit or a language commonly known as shorting. Electricity is a primary need at this time, but if not careful can be a source of disaster for us and the people around us. 

Electrical installations are installed by the state electricity company concerned in the house had been designed as safely as possible. Thus, any attempt to modify the installation for personal gain such as stealing electricity, dangerous for the occupants of the house and will be subject to penalties for violating the rules. 

Cables attached to the pole Low Voltage Network (LVN), connection cable homes (CC), to the Border Tool and Estimator (BTE), comprised of principle Kilo Watt Hour Meter and MCB (Mini Circulate Breaker) is a state electricity company assets concerned. Meanwhile, a series of cables attached as a home or building electrical installations is an asset owned by the homeowner. 

Electricity is energy that must be conserved as well. Therefore, use electricity in a reasonable and safe. Several steps can be cultivated in order to stay safe in the electricity network usage. 

The first step, do not accumulate on a single outlet power source. Use an electric circuit breaker (fuse) in accordance with the power connected, do not overdo it or less. Nor should any electrical cord that chipped in and around the house. 

Next, keep the power source of the reach of children. Use electrical materials, such as cables, switches, sockets, plugs (contact pin) qualified and have a good standard label that nationally, products, or international. 

The trees that grow around our homes should not be allowed to grow and touch the electrical network. This can be harmful to living things and our property, especially if rain. Therefore, layout and trim trees around power lines. 

Then the installation of the antenna is too high to avoid approaching or touching power lines. As good citizens, use of electricity has become our right. Never hitch on electricity, Tampering with or stealing state property grid from elsewhere. 

Get used to being careful, vigilant and not careless in using electricity. Remind kids not to play kite under or near power lines.

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